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1920 London 2016 info:-

1920 London 2016, The story follows Shivangi and her husband Veer Singh who live in London. Their life takes an unexpected turn after they receive a strange gift from Rajasthan. As Veer’s condition deteriorates Shivangi travels to Rajasthan to get some answers.

This is the third in Bhatt’s series of films with 1920 in the title, and the locket finds our couple, Shivangi (Meera Chopra) and Veer-sa (Vishal Karwal), on one of those afternoons that they spend lovingly having tea together in a castle that should give the Queen something to think about (or at least Will and Kate).

During a song sequence establishing both that love and that wealth, Veer-sa acquires a barrister degree. And then the locket arrives, the “aatma” possess Veer, and he is left a contorted mess, literally. When Shivangi rushes her husband to the hospital, an unflappable English doctor (thank god for those) takes one look, and rules: tetanus.

The “Kesar-ma” (Sushmita Mukherjee), a know-all caretaker back from Rajasthan, says it has to be black magic. Shivangi, exchanging her English clothes and minis for elaborate lehengas, travels home, and over long conversations involving “sandhya Kaal”.

“peepal ka ped”, “Levitra Gangajal” and “rudraksha” finds that the only one with the cure is none other than an old love, Jai (Sharman Joshi). 1920 London 2016 full movie Hindi 720p download, 1920 London Hindi horror movie, 1920 London full movie in Hindi HD free download, 1920 London full movie, 1920 London full movie in Hindi 480p download, 1920 London full movie download, 1920 London full movie mp4 download.

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1920 London 2016 Plot:-

The film opens with the life of Shivangi, the princess of a royal house in Sikar, Rajasthan, now living in London with her husband Kunwar Veer Singh. They are a happy couple until one day when Veer develops a minor illness that soon flares up into a disease.

shriveling his body and shrinking his head. Veer is hospitalized and his symptoms worsen – his body begins to contort unnaturally and he begins growling in strange languages. The doctors seem to diagnose it as tetanus, which is incurable. Shivangi is frightened; Veer is just not the same and Shivangi’s handmaiden, Kesar Ma deems it black magic.

Kesar Ma thinks it is because Veer’s father, the King, had two wives and the second wife wanted Veer, the heir, out of the way. The film moves to Rajasthan, where Shivangi and her family visit an exorcist for Veer’s condition. This exorcist attempts to confront the witch by entering the other realm.

through a mirror, but is soon thrown out, too powerless for the witch. The exorcist refers the King to the most powerful spiritual master in the land, Mewar Baba, also known as Jai Singh Gujjar. Shivangi shudders on hearing about Jai. She was deeply in love with Jai some years ago.

Her uncle saw them together and tried to blackmail the helpless and beautiful Shivangi into sleeping with him. Jai stepped in between and fought off the uncle who promptly reported the matter to the King. Jai was charged with attempted murder.

Shivangi inexplicably stood as a witness against Jai and Jai was ultimately sent to jail for five years. Shivangi contacts Jai to help her save her husband. Jai flatly refuses but Shivangi pleads and persuades him to help, and Jai finally agrees to come to London. Please See More Information…….

1920 London 2016 Critical reception:-

The film was panned by the critics. Koimoi.com gave the film 1.5/5 stars and wrote, “Where do we start? A lazy writing, poor direction, and an even more unconvincing act!” Mohar Basu of Times Of India gave the film 1/5 stars and wrote, “There isn’t an inkling of innovative thinking in the third installment of the 1920 series.

The best thing that can be said about it is that it will remain one of the year’s funniest films”. Soumya of Bollywood Life also gave 1.5/5 stars to the film and wrote, “While the film had a good twist post-interval, it wasn’t surprising. Except for the gender reversal.

as here the wife is saving the husband, the plot is similar to the first 1920 film, Needless to say, the latest entry in the 1920 series disappoints big time, with Sharman Joshi being the only saving grace, Watch the film only if you don’t have anything else to do”.

Manjusha of Gulf News gave 1.5/5 to the film and wrote, “Vikram Bhatt exhausts every cliche that has been regurgitated in Bollywood love stories. Corny dialogues such as “we will live together and die together” and sappy songs with lovers dancing around in picturesque locations will make you nauseous. While the first few scenes in which evil spirit unleashes her fury are startling, it gets tiring.

1920 London 2016 Cast:-

  • Sharman Joshi as Jai Singh Gujar
  • Meera Chopra as Shivangi
  • Vishal Karwal as Veer Singh
  • Meenal Kapoor as Witch
  • Gajendra Chauhan as Tantrik
  • Sushmita Mukherjee as Kesar Maa
  • Surendra Pal as (Raja) Shivangi’s father
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