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A Bug’s Life 1998 info:-

A Bug’s Life 1998, John Lasseter, director of Pixar’s movie phenomenon Toy Story, has set new standards in computer animation with this effort, another Disney-released children’s epic entitled A Bug’s Life. Blending classic Disney storytelling characters.

and the mysterious underground world of bugs, Lasseter has created a film that can be enjoyed by all audiences, and another franchise in the process. A Bug’s Life is a computerized retelling of the Aesop fable The Ant and the Grasshopper made as a cartoon-short by the one-and-only.

Walt Disney, in the mid-’30s. However, A Bug’s Life has modernized the story with many new twists and celebrity voices. The story focuses on a colony of ants who seasonally gather food for themselves and a wild gang of rowdy grasshoppers.

When bumbling worker ant Flik (David Foley) destroys the food supply, the angry grasshoppers, lead by the maniacally warped Hopper (Kevin Spacey), threaten to kill the ants if they don’t produce a new supply of food by the time they return — an impossible feat.

Flik leaves the anthill in search of help in the form of bigger bugs, and to wage war against the grasshoppers. What he doesn’t know is he has actually discovered a group of down-on-their-luck traveling circus insects in need of a job.A Bug's Life 1998 Poster Download

A Bug’s Life 1998 Plot:-

Ant Island is a colony of ants led by the Queen and her daughter, Princess Atta. Every season, they are forced to give food to a gang of marauding grasshoppers led by Hopper. One day, when Flik, an individualist, and would-be inventor.

inadvertently knocks the offering into a stream with his latest invention, a grain harvesting device, Hopper demands twice as much food as compensation. When Flik suggests in earnest that they seek help from other stronger bugs.

the other ants see it as an opportunity to remove him and send him off. At the “big city”, which is a heap of trash under a trailer, Flik mistakes a troupe of Circus Bugs for the warrior bugs he seeks. The bugs, in turn, mistake Flik for a talent agent.

and accept his offer to travel with him back to Ant Island. During a welcome ceremony upon their arrival, the Circus Bugs and Flik both discover their mutual misunderstandings. The Circus Bugs attempt to leave, but are attacked by a bird; while fleeing.

they save Dot, Atta’s younger sister, gaining the ants’ respect in the process. At Flik’s request, they continue the ruse of being “warriors”, so the troupe can continue to enjoy the hospitality of the ants.

Hearing that Hopper fears birds inspires Flik to create a false bird to scare away the grasshoppers. Meanwhile, Hopper tells his gang how greatly the ants outnumber them and worries that they will eventually rebel against them.

The ants finish constructing the fake bird, but during a celebration, the troupe’s greedy ringmaster, P.T. Flea, arrives, searching for his troupe, and inadvertently reveals their secret. Outraged by Flik’s deception, the ants exile him and desperately attempt to gather food for a new offering to the grasshoppers. Please See More Information……….

A Bug’s Life 1998 Development:-

During the summer of 1994, Pixar’s story department began turning their thoughts to their next film. The storyline for A Bug’s Life originated from a lunchtime conversation between John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter, and Joe Ranft.

the studio’s head story team; other films such as Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo were also conceived at this lunch. Lasseter and his story team had already been drawn to the idea of insects serving as characters. Like toys.

insects were within the reach of computer animation back then, due to their relatively simple surfaces. Stanton and Ranft wondered whether they could find a starting point in Aesop’s fable The Ant and the Grasshopper. Walt Disney had produced his own version.

with a cheerier ending decades earlier in the 1934 short film The Grasshopper and the Ants. In addition, Walt Disney Feature Animation had considered producing a film in the late-1980s entitled Army Ants, that centered around a pacifist ant living in a militaristic colony.

but this never fully materialized. As Stanton and Ranft discussed the adaptation, they rattled off scenarios and storylines springing from their premise. Lasseter liked the idea and offered some suggestions. The concept simmered until early 1995 when the story team began.

work on the second film in earnest. During an early test screening for Toy Story in San Rafael in June 1995, they pitched the film to Disney CEO Michael Eisner. Eisner thought the idea was fine and they submitted a treatment to Disney in early-July under the title Bugs.

Disney approved the treatment and gave notice on July 7 that it was exercising the option of a second film under the original 1991 agreement between Disney and Pixar.

A Bug’s Life 1998 Writing:-

In The Ant and the Grasshopper, a grasshopper squanders the spring and summer months on singing while the ants put food away for the winter; when winter comes, the hungry grasshopper begs the ants for food, but the ants turn him away.

Andrew Stanton and Joe Ranft hit on the notion that the grasshopper could just take the food. After Stanton had completed a draft of the script, he came to doubt one of the story’s main pillars – that the Circus Bugs that had come to the colony to cheat.

the ants would instead stay and fight. He thought the Circus Bugs were unlikable characters as liars and that it was unrealistic for them to undergo a complete personality change. Also, no particularly good reason existed for Circus Bugs to stay with the ant colony during the second act.

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