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Armed Response 2017 info:-

Armed Response 2017, A team of special forces soldiers approach the designer of a high-tech military compound to investigate the disappearance of another team guarding the facility. The compound, known professionally as a Temple, is an artificial intelligence-powered facility designed for interrogating high-level prisoners.

Upon entering the Temple, the soldiers quickly find the earlier team horrifically slaughtered but no evidence as to who is responsible. Almost immediately, the crew begins to experience strange and horrific supernatural phenomena as they attempt to uncover who killed the previous team.

Soon enough, they find a lone survivor, a dangerous terrorist who may hold the key to who killed the soldiers. Armed Response 2017 But as the story goes on, we’ll learn that there’s more to it than we’ve been told and a dark secret the soldiers share may hold the key to surviving The Temple.

After a brief prologue in which anonymous grunts are slaughtered by an off-screen assailant while stationed at the Temple (a military compound run by advanced artificial intelligence that can flawlessly interrogate prisoners), Special Forces soldier Isaac (Snipes) recruits the system’s designer, Gabriel (Dace Annable), to join him on a mission to see why the base has suddenly shut down.

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Armed Response 2017 Plot:-

A team of trained operatives finds themselves trapped inside an isolated military compound after its artificial intelligence is suddenly shut down.  Armed Response 2017There, they begin to experience strange and horrific phenomena as they attempt to uncover what killed the previous team.

First, before they enter the facility, they watched the clips of the last operative team’s last moments, and what caused them to die. Several of them are cut down, strangled and stabbed by mysterious entities. It is revealed that their team was on tour of duty in the Middle East.

They try to pry information in some villagers, but they refused and a firefight started when several enemies fire at them and were killed by them, including a child. And the souls of the slain villagers haunt the facility. And the group was divided, with others helping a prisoner.

What they discover in this persistently dark, shadowy complex are the corpses of their comrades as well as an Afghanistan general (Mo Gallini) who’s on the FBI’s most-wanted list, and who says he was personally invited to visit the Temple, plane ticket and all. That makes little sense.

yet it’s a development far less baffling than the fact that the Temple — which scans captives as they’re strapped to a chintzy looking chair in a room full of futuristic glowing lights, Armed Response 2017 — has the ability to not only tell when people are lying but to basically read their minds.

As bumps in the night mount, it becomes obvious that the Temple has gone sentient, at which point “Armed Response” takes its stock scenario and makes it ridiculous, with the Temple exhibiting the power to infect people with hallucinations, take them on virtual trips into the past (as if they were walking around in flashbacks) and electrocute them through just about any object. Please See More Information……….

Armed Response 2017 Review:-

Armed Response is the fourth project for Wesley Snipes since being released from prison. His first one out of the gate was a supporting role in Expendables 3, which was an auspicious return, and a very welcome one. The part felt like it’d been written for him, and we were all happy to see him back on screen.

His next project was the ill-fated TV series The Player that was canceled before getting a full series order. A shame. 2017, Armed Response 2017 has seen the release of two Snipes movies – both of which were released theatrically. I eagerly saw them both the first chance I got.

The first of the two was the hokey alien invasion flick The Recall where Snipes had to play alongside a bunch of bouncy ball teenagers. The film was a major let down. It was not a good role for him, and he looked bored with the material (because it was terrible).

The second one was the glossy-on-the-surface Lionsgate release Armed Response from director John Stockwell, whose career I’ve followed fairly closely as a filmmaker. When Stockwell hits his mark (Blue Crush, In the Blood, Countdown), the movies turn out to be really fun genre fare.

Armed Response is the first time where I felt like he was clueless with how to handle the material. Maybe he signed on because it was a chance to work with Snipes, but Snipes isn’t given anything to do in this thing. In fact, no one is given anything to do.

It’s about a team of soldiers going into a secret scientific compound where some bad stuff has clearly gone down. Did the scientists catch a disease and die? Is there a creature running amok? Are there ghosts or demons lurking in the hallways? Aside from a few quick flashbacks (one of the side characters gets a surprisingly poignant backstory.

Armed Response 2017 Cast:-

  • Wesley Snipes as Isaac
  • Anne Heche as Riley
  • Dave Annable as Gabriel
  • Seth Rollins as Brett
  • Kyle Clements as Tyler
  • Morgan Roberts as Paul
  • Eyas Younis as Saeed Refai
  • Mo Gallini as Ahmadi
  • Mike Seal as Rainier
  • Gene Simmons as Male Suspect
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