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Batman Hush 2019 info:-

Batman Hush 2019 is widely regarded as one of the finest comic book storylines in the Dark Knight’s 80-year history. It even made our Top 25 countdown. It’s surprising it’s taken DC this long to give Hush the animated movie treatment, especially considering how many of these direct-to-video projects have centered on the Batman family.

But DC has finally corrected that omission with its 35th entry in the DC Universe Movies. Better yet, this adaptation actually improves upon some of the flaws of the source material, even if it makes its own mistakes in the process.

Hush is also the 13th entry in the DC Universe Movie series, which technically makes it a sequel to films like Son of Batman and Batman vs. Robin. But whereas those projects only loosely borrowed from the work of writers like Grant Morrison and Scott Snyder, Hush is a largely straightforward adaptation of Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee’s original story.

As in the comic, the movie pits Batman (Jason O’Mara) against many of his most famous foes, with both the Dark Knight and his villains being manipulated by a mysterious, bandaged villain named Hush (Maury Sterling). Further complicating matters is the renewed romance between Batman and Catwoman (Jennifer Morrison). A mysterious stalker attempts to sabotage Batman from afar.

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Batman Hush 2019 Plot:-

Bruce Wayne is attending an evening party where he meets Selina Kyle and his childhood friend and renowned brain surgeon Thomas Elliot. There, he receives an alert from Alfred about a child kidnapping by Bane. After a brief fight, Batman is informed by Lady Shiva who tells him an unknown intruder has used the Lazarus Pit and asks for his assistance in identifying them.

Batman rescues the child, but Catwoman steals the ransom money. As Batman is in pursuit of her, a mysterious figure shoots his grapple line and he falls to the ground, fracturing his skull.

He is nearly killed by a group of nearby criminals until he is saved by Catwoman and Batgirl. Catwoman delivers the ransom money to Poison Ivy, who is controlling her through a hypnotic kiss. Alfred contacts Thomas to remove skull fragments from Bruce’s brain.

Batman recovers and visits Blackgate Penitentiary to interrogate Bane on the whereabouts of the money. Bane escapes and Batman strikes a deal with Amanda Waller, who allows Bane’s escape so Batman can track him. Bane leads Batman to Ivy’s now abandoned greenhouse where Catwoman is.

Waller captures Bane and returns him to Blackgate. Seeking retaliation for Ivy’s manipulation, Catwoman offers information on her whereabouts to Batman in exchange for a kiss, and a tenuous romance blooms between them. Batman and Catwoman follow Ivy to Metropolis.

Batman confronts Lex Luthor, now a probationary member of the Justice League, for information on a delivery list of an ethylene compound to track down Ivy’s location. here, they find Ivy has taken control of Superman, and she commands him to kill Batman and Catwoman. Batman observes that Superman is subconsciously resisting Ivy’s influence, holding back on his attempts to kill both of them. Please See More Information…….

Batman Hush 2019 Voice cast:-

Jason O’Mara

Bruce Thomas

Rebecca Romijn

Peyton List (II)

Jennifer Morrison

Rainn Wilson

Jason Spisak

Peyton List

Sachie Alessio

Hynden Walch

Batman Hush 2019 Production:-

In July 2018, an animated adaptation of Batman: Hush was announced. In March 2019, it was announced that Jason O’Mara, Jerry O’Connell, Rebecca Romijn, Rainn Wilson, Sean Maher, Bruce Thomas, Vanessa Williams, and Stuart Allan would reprise their roles from previous DCAMU films with the new additions of Jennifer Morrison, Peyton R.

List, Maury Sterling, Geoffrey Arend, Jason Spisak, Adam Gifford, Peyton List, and Dachie Alessio. The film had its world premiere at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 19, 2019. The film was made available through digital streaming outlets on July 20, 2019. It was released on 4K UHD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD on August 6, 2019. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has an 87% rating based on 15 reviews.

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