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Blank 2019 info:-

Blank 2019, 25-year-old Hanif (Karan Kapadia), an engineer by profession, is trained by a local extremist group to carry out a massive multiple suicide bomb attack alongside 24 other suicide bombers in the city of Mumbai. The ATS Chief, Mr. SS Dewan (Sunny Deol), and his team are going.

All out in countering Hanif’s plans and finally catch hold of him only to figure that all the bombs are connected to Hanif’s heartbeat. Finishing him off will lead to 24 other bombs exploding at different locations.

A young man (Karan Kapadia) meets with an accident and suffers from amnesia. During his medical examination, it is revealed that he’s a suicide bomber. That sets off the ATS Chief Diwan (Sunny Deol) his team on a manhunt to figure out the impending terror plans on Mumbai.

Precise execution is a must for a high-concept action thriller to deliver the proverbial thrills to the viewer. ‘Blank’, has a fairly far-fetched idea, where a ticking device is hardwired into a man’s chest and linked to his beating heart.

Not just that, this outrageous piece of tech is also wirelessly connected to multiple bombs that are part of a well-planned and innovative terror attack.

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Blank 2019 Plot:-

Hanif, a member of the terrorist organization Tehreer Al-Hind, arrives in Mumbai with his team to execute 24 bomb blasts, each by a terrorist. On the day of the attack, he is injured in a road accident and taken to the hospital.

Upon realizing that a time bomb is attached to his body, the hospital staff notifies SS Dewan, a member of the Anti-Terrorism Squad. The doctors find it impossible to remove the bomb from Hanif’s body as it is connected directly to his heart.

Hanif regains consciousness but has developed retrograde amnesia following the accident. However, Dewan refuses to trust him and believes he is lying. Meanwhile, Husna and Rohit, Dewan’s subordinates, arrest another terrorist named Farukh.

Aruna Gupta, Dewan’s superior, orders him to kill Hanif as the information they need can be obtained from Farukh. Dewan, accompanied by a squad, takes Hanif to an isolated place to kill him in an encounter.

Husna, who has recovered the bomb’s blueprint from Hanif’s house, realizes that Hanif’s death will trigger the explosion of the other 24 bombs. When Hanif is about to be killed, a gang of terrorists attacks the officers.

The former escape following a car chase and take Hanif to a secret basement. Hanif meets Maqsood, his leader, who tells him that his parents were murdered in communal riots. Dewan and his squad capture Hanif again and kill all other terrorists including Maqsood.

Hanif escapes. It is revealed that Husna was the mole in Dewan’s squad who helped Hanif escape. Hanif and Husna are revealed to be siblings whose parents were murdered by Maqsood years ago in a communal riot. Please See More Information…………..

Blank 2019 Production:-

In September 2018, Behzad Khambata announced his directorial debut via a post on Facebook. The film was to be titled Blank and would star Sunny Deol and Karan Kapadia. Principal photography began shortly after the announcement. Blank is also the film debut of Kapadia.

Who is the nephew of actress Dimple Kapadia? Akshay Kumar, who is Kapadia’s brother-in-law, features in a cameo appearance for a song. While filming a sequence that required Kapadia to be handcuffed, the keys to the cuffs were lost and Kapadia had to remain in the position for two hours.

The film’s soundtrack was composed by Raghav Sachar, Arko Pravo Mukherjee, and Sonal Pradhan, with lyrics written by Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Adeip Singh, Kumaar and Sonal Pradhan, and released under the banner Zee Music Company. Blank 2019 movie download, Blank 2019 free movie download, Blank 2019 hd movie download, Blank 2019 download movies, Blank 2019 online movies, Blank 2019.

The story begins on the edge as Karan Kapadia is strapped and handcuffed, as Diwan and his sniper prepare to shoot the young man in an isolated spot, away from the city. It builds a fair degree of interest for the viewer and the curiosity increases as the narrative jumps back into the past.

Of this purported terrorist. ‘Blank’ has a complex narrative but not every piece of the puzzle makes sense. There are too many loopholes in the writing and character development. It also doesn’t help that one of the antagonists, Maqsood (Jameel Khan), the chief of the terror organization, pouts such chaste Urdu, that even scholars of the language would be bamboozled with the barrage of words.

Blank 2019 Cast:-

  • Sunny Deol as SS Dewan, an Anti-Terrorism Squad officer
  • Karan Kapadia as Hanif
  • Karanvir Sharma as Rohit
  • Ishita Dutta as Husna
  • Jameel Khan as Maqsood
  • Akshay Kumar (cameo appearance in the song “Ali Ali”)
  • Bolam Das as Farooq
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