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Cinderella the Cat 2017 info:-

Cinderella the Cat 2017, creative animation and largely enjoyable music make “Cinderella the Cat” one of the best Italian animated films of recent years and a step up from co-director Alessandro Rak’s well-regarded 2013 debut, “The Art of Happiness.” This time, Rak and equal collaborators Ivan Cappiello, Marino Guarnieri, and Dario Sansone are again in Naples.

using a riff on the Cinderella story to comment on the city’s failed promises while also making sly asides about Italian corruption in general. Jazzy numbers are the best in a full score, and the use of 3D software incorporated into the 2D format creates a fantasy world of evocative multi-plane imagery. Adult animation lovers will feel rewarded, and international distribution could result if the buzz is strong enough.

Visionary scientist Vittorio Basile (Mariano Rigillo) lives on his vast ship in the Bay of Naples, where he makes plans for the betterment of the city. Preoccupied by grand projects and his imminent marriage to vixenish singer Angelica Carannante (Maria Pia Calzone), he’s entrusted the daily care of young daughter Mia to bodyguard Primo Genito (Alessandro Gassmann). But just after the wedding, Vittorio is murdered by Angelica’s drug dealer lover Salvatore Lo Giusto (Massimiliano Gallo).

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Cinderella the Cat 2017 Plot:-

Vittorio Basile is a rich scientist and shipowner; one of his ships, the Megaride, is a high-tech ship that records everything that happens inside and shows it in the form of holograms. Basile wants to turn the harbor of Naples into a huge technological harbor and the Megaride into a digital database that keeps a memory of everyone that steps inside the ship. Basile has a 3-year-old daughter, Mia, and he is going to marry Angelica, mother of five daughters and a gay son Luigi. On the day of the wedding, Salvatore Lo Giusto, known as O’ Re (The King), an ambitious drug lord and secret lover of Angelica, kills Basile.

 The Megaride remains in the harbor for 15 years and Angelica turns it into a sleazy brothel. The dream of Lo Giusto and Angelica is to turn the city of Naples, into a capital city of crime and drug recycling. Primo Genito, formerly Basile’s bodyguard, tries to find evidence to frame Lo Giusto, but he is injured and almost killed by Angelica’s daughters who work as prostitutes in the brothel. Primo is saved by Mia, who was under his protection when she was a baby and they both recognize each other even though 15 years have passed. Thanks to Mia, Primo finds all the evidence he needs. Please See More Information…….

Cinderella the Cat 2017 Cast:-

  • Massimiliano Gallo: Salvatore Lo Giusto
  • Maria Pia Calzone: Angelica Carannante
  • Alessandro Gassmann: Primo Genito
  • Mariano Rigillo: Vittorio Basile
  • Renato Carpentieri: Commissioner
  • Ciro Priello: Luigi
  • Federica Altamura: Anna
  • Chiara Baffi: Barbara
  • Francesca Romana Bergamo: Carmen and Luisa
  • Anna Trieste: Sofia
  • Gino Fastidio: James
  • Ciro Capriello as Luigi
  • Renato Carpentieri as Commissioner

Cinderella the Cat 2017 Reception:-

Jay Weissberg from Variety praised the film, saying: “with its slick, creative animation, and enjoyable tunes, Cinderella the Cat is one of the best Italian animated films of recent years”. The young Mia grows up in the not too distant future in the Megarida, a huge ship that has been stuck in the port of Naples for more than 15 years.

When her father, a wealthy visionary and scientist, died, he took with him the technical secrets of his ship and his dream to revive the harbor. Since then, the girl lives in the shadow of her stepmother and her six deceitful daughters, surrounded by holographic memories of her childhood and her father. Meanwhile, the drug trade flourishes in the port.

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