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Commando 2 2017 info:-

Commando 2 2017, India’s most wanted Black Money agent, Vicky Chaddha, gets arrested in Malaysia and is kept in a safe house by the Malaysian authorities, along with his wife. A team of four is being sent to Malaysia to bring them to India.

Apart from the growth of inter-personal relationships, the mission has quite a few twists and turns on its way. The story follows Karan as he uses his brain and brawn to recover all of the laundered black money. The Home Minister of India (Shefali Shah).

assigns a four-member special unit, comprising a dedicated police officer, ex-commando turned encounter specialist, corrupt cop obsessed with brands (Adah Sharma) and a hacker to undertake a covert operation. The team must travel to Malaysia to bring in Vicky Chadda.

a notorious black money launderer. Soon this challenging mission turns into a dangerous game of deceit. In Commando, Vidyut Jammwal literally had a ‘phata poster nikla hero’ moment – he tears through a poster of Force.

His Captain Karan Vir Dogra somersaulted and scissor-kicked his way, beat up an army of men single-handedly, rescued a girl and brought a local goon to justice. Commando 2 marks the return of the death-defying stunts and plot twists that keep you on the edge of your seat. Please More Information…..

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Commando 2 2017 Plot:-

Commando Karanveer Singh Dogra is skilled in many aspects of survival, weaponry, and hand-to-hand combat. He is on a mission to eradicate black money, which has been siphoned to banks along with his gang. He goes to Vicky Chaddha’s house were during night time.

his wife Maria reveals that they didn’t have a life like this in the past.  The film flashes to a flashback where his husband was forced to do all this because when he declined to do a negative job, the very next day, a bomb blast occurred where Vicky was saved but their daughter.

Tara died. Very soon, Maria kills her husband and says that she is the real Vicky Chaddha. Karan and his gang follow Vicky Chaddha and finally find her transferring money to an account. Karan beats up all the army in her team but doesn’t stop the money transfer.

It is then revealed that he changed the account in which the money was scheduled to the transferred and the replaced account which will help the poor people. He said this was planned on the very first day. When Vicky says that police cannot arrest her.

Bhavna Reddy shoots Vicky and they get out of there. While Karan and Bhavna will be together, a phone call arrives where Karan says he is waiting for a new mystery to arrive. Barring Esha Gupta’s ravishing looks and permanent smirk, nothing quite stands out in the film.

None of the lead actors are able to show a single expression. Ada Sharma’s attempt at speaking comic Hyderabadi Hindi (or at least that’s we thought it was) fails to amuse. The blaring ‘Commando commando’ background during.

the action scenes is strikingly outdated. Overstretched and uninspiring, this film is reminiscent of a poor man’s Abbas Mustan film. Even decent action cannot salvage this dreary supposed crime thriller. commando 2 full movie, commando 2 full movie how to download.

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Commando 2 2017 Cast:-

  • Vidyut Jammwal as Commando Karanveer Singh Dogra (Karan)
  • Adah Sharma as Inspector Bhavna Reddy
  • Esha Gupta as Maria, later real Vicky Chaddha
  • Vansh Bharadwaj as Maria’s husband and fake Vicky Chaddha
  • Freddy Daruwala as ACP Bakhtawar Khan
  • Suhail Nayyar as Dishank Chowdhury
  • Thakur Anoop Singh as K.P
  • Shefali Shah as Leena Chowdhury
  • Satish Kaushik as Dhariwal Renewal
  • Ivan Rodrigues as Kamath
  • Adil Hussain as Karan’s Boss
  • Kannan Arunachalam as Shrinath Iyer
  • Siddharth Kher as Jimmy Kher
  • Avisha Sharma as Tara
  • Sumit Gulati as Zafar Hussain, the hacktivist
  • Prince Roddey as Whisperer

Commando 2 2017 Soundtrack:-

The songs of the film have been composed by Mannan Shaah and Gourov Roshin, while the lyrics have been penned by Aatish Kapadia and Kumaar. The background score has been composed by Prasad Sasha. The soundtrack was released on 13 February 2017 by T-Series.

Overall, it is a good movie with some suspense, thrill and great action by the actress Adah and of course Vidyut Jamal. The songs of the movie are already being liked by the audience. If you are a Vidyut Jamval fan and you will love the film too.

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