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Control 2019 info:-

Control is a supernatural 3rd person action-adventure. After a secretive agency in New York is invaded by an otherworldly threat, you become the new Director struggling to regain Control. From developer Remedy Entertainment, this supernatural 3rd person action-adventure will challenge you to master the combination of supernatural abilities, modifiable loadouts, and reactive environments while fighting through a deep and unpredictable world. Control is Jesse Faden’s story.

The main plot focuses on her personal search for answers as she grows into the role of the Director. The world of Control has its own story, as do the allies Jesse meets along the way. Side-quests and Secrets are everywhere. Jesse works with other Bureau agents, decodes cryptic ciphers and discovers strange Bureau experiments. Explore diverse environments and shifting architecture in a deep unpredictable world, set within a sprawling New York building. Define your playstyle by integrating supernatural abilities, upgrades, and modifiable loadouts. Harness dynamic environmental destruction for exciting combat possibilities and master complex rituals to alter your surroundings. Dive into a dark and brutalist-inspired world where daily reality has been corrupted by an otherworldly force.

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Control 2019 Gameplay:-

Like Remedy’s previous projects, Control is played from a third-person perspective, and is built using Remedy’s proprietary Northlight Engine, which was first used on the company’s previous title Quantum Break. As Jesse Faden, players wield the Service Weapon, a supernatural firearm that can be adapted into a variety of different forms with different combat applications. In addition to the Service Weapon, Jesse also possesses a variety of supernatural abilities, including telekinesis, levitation, and the ability to control certain enemies. The Service Weapon and Jesse’s abilities both expend Jesse’s energy, necessitating a balance in their usage. The Service Weapon can be upgraded throughout the game via a skill tree; in order to gain new powers, players must locate various Objects of Power – ordinary items acted upon by supernatural forces – hidden throughout the Oldest House.

Control is built in the Metroidvania format, with a large world map that can be explored at a nonlinear pace, unlike Remedy’s previous titles, which were primarily linear. As the player unlocks new abilities and clearance throughout the game, new areas of the Oldest House can be explored, opening various side-quests. Please See More Information…….

Control 2019 Synopsis:-

Control revolves around a clandestine American agency known as the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), which is responsible for the investigation of “paranatural” phenomena which defy ordinary reality, usually manifesting in the form of Altered World Events (AWEs), intrusions upon perceived reality shaped by the human collective unconscious. These AWEs affect archetypal objects and give them unique properties; referred to as Altered Items by the Bureau, they are contained within their headquarters at the Oldest House, an enormous Brutalist skyscraper in New York City. AWEs also produce Objects of Power, which are unique in that they grant certain individuals (referred to as “parautilitarians”) paranatural abilities. Objects of Power are connected to the Astral Plane, an alternate dimension housing the Board, an extradimensional entity which communicates through a massive, inverted black pyramid. The Board ordains the Bureau’s leadership through a ritual connected to the Service Weapon, an Object of Power; whoever the Board chooses to wield the Service Weapon is considered by default to be the Director of the FBC. The Oldest House itself is referred to as a Place of Power by the FBC; on the interior, it is an infinite, constantly shifting space connected to various alternate dimensions through rooms known as Thresholds. The protagonist of Control is Jesse Faden, who arrives at the Oldest House seeking the whereabouts of her younger brother, Dylan. Seventeen years prior to the game’s events, Jesse and Dylan were involved in an AWE in their hometown of Ordinary, Wisconsin involving a slide projector Object of Power capable of opening portals to other dimensions.

Control 2019 Development:-

The game is developed by Remedy Entertainment. Mikael Kasurinen, who has worked on Remedy’s previous games, Alan Wake (as lead gameplay designer) and Quantum Break (as lead director), was Control‘s director and Sam Lake served as the game’s writer and creative director alongside narrative lead Anna Megill. Development of the game began before the release of Quantum Break. As they were finishing Quantum Break and deciding on the next project, Kasurinen recognized that that game rested heavily on full motion video and other cinematic elements, and suggested they look at a more open-world game where the player would drive what they experienced.

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