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Dharam Sankat Mein 2015 info:-

Dharam Sankat Mein 2015, Dharampal Trivedi is happy with his Hindu identity – what happens when he discovers he is Muslim? Dharam Sankat Mein’ says it all – here’s a movie that reflects a dilemma. Dharampal Trivedi (Paresh) is Ahmedabad’s leading caterer.

a happy Hindu with a dislike of Muslims, extending to his quarrelsome neighbor Mehmood Nazeem Ali Shah Khan Bahadur (Annu). Dharampal’s son Amit wants to marry Shraddha, a fervent follower of motorcycle-riding Neelananda Baba (Naseeruddin).

Amit pleads with Dharampal to become more devout and impress Baba and Shraddha’s dad – Dharampal agrees but suddenly discovers he’s adopted, his real father’s Muslim and to meet him, he’ll have to learn Muslim ways. This quirky film follows 2012’s hit OMG, further inspired by British comedy The Infidel – but DSM lacks the cutting edge of either.

What works here is the perfect Paresh Rawal – the actor again delivers a terrific performance, fuelling the film purely on his wonderfully delivered dry one-liners (‘Jab miyan biwi rasam and, to kya Karega Neelanand?’), ironic glances and anguished eyes as he becomes stranger to his world. Annu Kapoor matches Rawal well, their scenes frequently crackling.

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Dharam Sankat Mein 2015 Plot:-

Dharampal (Paresh Rawal) is living in a Hindu household. He is very stereotypical towards Muslims. He starts his days with the old songs of a Punjabi Sikh pop singer Manjeet Manchala (Gippy Grewal), who has now stopped producing albums and disappeared mysteriously.

As well as this, he has regular arguments with a Muslim man named Nawab Mehmood Nazim Ali Shah Khan Bahadur (Annu Kapoor) who happens to live in the same area as him. Dharampal later visits his late mother’s bank vault to collect her belongings.

They discover that his father is in critical condition due to old age, living in a senior home. The Imaam taking care of his father tells Dharampal that if his father saw that his only son has been brought up as a non-Muslim, it could cause severe damage to his health. Therefore, he tells Dharampal to learn how to become a true Muslim and come back to meet his father once he is ready.

With the help of Shah, he begins to learn the ways of Muslim people. However, the Imaam declines Dharampal’s request to meet his father once again, claiming he is still not coming across as a true Muslim. Meanwhile, Dharampal’s son falls in love with a young girl named Shraddha and to marry her, he must have her father accept him and his family. Shraddha’s father is a devout follower of a spiritual baba named Neelanand (Naseeruddin Shah). Please See More Information…….

Dharam Sankat Mein 2015 Review:-

If Fawad Khan’s “Dharam Sankat Mein” is any indication, Bollywood is in the midst of a theological crossroads. It certainly is debating the idea of God with more fervor than before. After 2012’s “OMG: Oh My God!” and last year’s “PK”, Khan’s film also focuses on religion and the biases that prevail about other religions in the minds of the layman. Dharam Pal Singh (Paresh Rawal) lives in Ahmedabad with his wife and two grown children.

His attempts to find out more about his family and the faith that he was born into the lead to complications, and some humor. In spite of its interesting storyline and some good performances, including hilarious, over-the-top acting by Naseeruddin Shah as a religious figure.

Khan’s film is rough around the edges and never quite coheres. The pace lags, the humor falls flat several times, and Khan’s biggest fault is that he treats his characters with the same stereotypes that his film claims to oppose.

Rawal’s character tells a Christian friend of his daughter, “please don’t ask me to light a candle or read the Bible,” as if that is the only mark of being a Christian. If the film does work in parts.

Dharam Sankat Mein 2015 Cast:-

  • Paresh Rawal as Dharam Pal
  • Annu Kapoor as Nawab Mehmood Shah
  • Naseeruddin Shah as Neel Anand Baba
  • Gippy Grewal as Manjeet Manchala
  • Aurora Ghosh as Shraddha
  • Alka Kaushal as Dharam Pal’s wife
  • Sharat Sonu as Long Hair Guy
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