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Fast And Furious 4 2009 info:-

Fast And Furious 4 2009, Diesel power explodes once again, after having vroomed off into anonymity for the last eight years. The alluring speed devil, Dominic Torreto (Vin Diesel), who became a cult figure in the first Fast and Furious, turned his back to the two sequels that followed (2Fast 2Furious and Tokyo Drift) due to fee problems.

The franchise lost its zing and Vin almost vanished from the screen. So, naturally, the two had to get together again and create grease lightnin’ once more. But Dom doesn’t return alone. In comes his nemesis too, FBI agent Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) who infiltrated ex-con Dom’s gang in the first film.

only to betray him and his sister (Jordana Brewster). But Brian and Dom do share a special bond, despite being on opposite sides of the law. Remember how Brian let Dom go in the first film. It’s the same love-hate relationship that forms the crux of the fourth sequel, where both are in.

for a roller-coaster ride that sees them crisscrossing across unfriendly terrain in their shining machines. While Dom wants to avenge the death of his girlfriend (Michelle Rodriguez), Brian is in hot pursuit of a drug lord, Antonio Braga, who smuggles carloads of heroin across the Mexican border under the guise of street car racing.

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Fast And Furious 4 2009 Plot:-

Five years after escaping from the US, Dominic Toretto and his new crew, Fast And Furious 4 2009 consisting of his girlfriend Letty, Tego Leo, Rico Santos, Cara, and Han Seoul-Oh, are hijacking fuel tankers in the Dominican Republic. Dominic suspects that the police are on their trail, forcing the crew to disband and go their separate ways.

with Han deciding to go to Tokyo. Realizing that he must leave, Dominic runs, leaving Letty behind to protect her from harm. Three months later, Dominic is now residing in Panama City. He gets a call from his sister, Mia Toretto, who tells him that Letty has been murdered.

Dominic heads back to Los Angeles to attend her funeral and examine the crash and finds traces of nitromethane on the ground. He visits the only car mechanic that sells nitromethane in LA and forces him into giving him the name David Park, the man who ordered the fuel, and informs him that the only car that uses nitromethane in the area is a green 1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport.

Meanwhile, FBI agent Brian O’Conner is trying to track down a Mexican drug lord, Arturo Braga. His search leads him to David Park, and he tracks him down using an illegal modification record in his car. Dominic arrives at Park’s apartment first and hangs him out of the window by his ankles before Brian arrives.

Brian saves Park and Park becomes the FBI’s new informant. Park gets Brian into a street race. Brian selects a modified 2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 from the impound lot. Dominic races in his modified 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454.

Gisele Yashar, the liaison for Braga, Fast And Furious 4 2009 reveals that the winner will become the last driver on a team that traffics heroin between the Mexico–United States border. Please See More Information…….

Fast And Furious 4 2009 Cast:-

  • A professional street racer, car hijacker, and fugitive.
  • Paul Walker as Brian O’Conner
  • An FBI agent, who previously aided Dominic in avoiding law enforcement, and was in a relationship with Mia Toretto.
  • Michelle Rodríguez as Letty Ortiz
  • Dominic’s girlfriend, who dies in an automobile explosion caused by Fenix Calderon.
  • Jordana Brewster as Mia Toretto
  • Dominic’s younger sister and Brian’s ex-girlfriend.
  • John Ortiz as Arturo Braga / Ramon Campos
  • A Mexican drug lord who recruits street racers to smuggle heroin across the U.S.-Mexico border.
  • Gal Gadot as Gisele Yashar
  • A liaison for Braga, who shows romantic interest in Dominic.
  • Laz Alonso as Fenix Calderon
  • Braga’s right-hand man, who murders Letty.

Fast And Furious 4 2009 Production:-

The film was announced in July 2007. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and the rest of the cast of the original film all reprised their roles. Filming began in 2008. The movie cars were built in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley. Around 240 cars were built for the film.

However, the replica vehicles do not match the specifications they were supposed to represent. For example, the replica version of F-Bomb, a 1973 Chevrolet Camaro built by Tom Nelson of NRE and David Freiburger of Hot Rod magazine, included a 300 hp crate V8 engine with a 3-speed automatic transmission, whereas the actual car included a twin-turbo 1,500 hp engine and a 5-speed transmission.

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