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Free DWG Viewer 16 info:-

Free DWG Viewer 16 is a handy and reliable software application designed to open Autodesk native formats such as DWG, DXF and DWF files. Aside from running as a desktop application, it can also be used to open files inside browsers via the included ActiveX control. Free DWG Viewer can also be used to open Informative Graphics legacy formats associated with Brava! Desktop and MYRIAD. In addition to that, the application can publish Autodesk drawings to CSF format, which compresses and encrypts the original CAD file for protecting your intellectual property.

No matter how you look at it, Free DWG Viewer can only be described as simple and efficient. The installation process is fast and complication-free and the user interface is very easy to navigate through. All of the features are neatly incorporated into menus, while a toolbar holds some quick controls for common operations such as opening or printing a file. Once you have loaded the resources, you can start exploring the program’s abilities one by one. Other options allow users to animate views, to show line weights and to make smooth edges visible. In addition, the measurement feature enables users to view drawing sizes and to calibrate the sketch.

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Free DWG Viewer 16 History:-

DWG (denoted by the .dwg filename extension) was the native file format for the Interact CAD package, developed by Mike Riddle in the late 1970s,  and subsequently licensed by Autodesk in 1982 as the basis for AutoCAD. From 1982 to 2009, Autodesk created versions of AutoCAD which wrote no fewer than 18 major variants of the DWG file format, none of which is publicly documented. The DWG format is probably the most widely used format for CAD drawings. Autodesk estimates that in 1998 there were in excess of two billion DWG files in existence.

There are several claims to control of the DWG format. As the biggest and most influential creator of DWG files it is Autodesk who designs, defines, and iterates the DWG format as the native format for their CAD applications. Autodesk sells a read/write library, called RealDWG, under selective licensing terms for use in non-competitive applications. Several companies have attempted to reverse engineer Autodesk’s DWG format, and offer software libraries to read and write Autodesk DWG files.

The most successful is Open Design Alliance, a non-profit consortium created in 1998 by a number of software developers (including competitors to Autodesk), released a read/write/view library called the OpenDWG Toolkit, which was based on the MarComp AUTO DIRECT libraries. (ODA has since rewritten and updated that code.) In 1998, Autodesk added file verification to AutoCAD R14.01, through a function called DWGCHECK. This function was supported by an encrypted checksum and product code (called a “watermark” by Autodesk), written into DWG files created by the program. In 2006 Autodesk modified AutoCAD 2007, to include “TrustedDWG technology. Please See More Information……..

Free DWG Viewer 16 Autodesk trademark:-

On November 13, 2006, Autodesk sued the Open Design Alliance alleging that its DWGdirect libraries infringed Autodesk’s trademark for the word “Autodesk”, by writing the TrustedDWG watermark (including the word “AutoCAD”) into DWG files it created. Nine days later, Autodesk’s attorneys won a broad and deep temporary restraining order against the Open Design Alliance. In April 2007, the suit was settled, essentially on Autodesk’s terms, with Autodesk modifying the warning message in AutoCAD 2008 (to make it somewhat less alarming), and the Open Design Alliance removing support for writing the TrustedDWG watermark from its DWGdirect libraries. Also

The effect of the temporary restraining order and subsequent consent decree was to render the Open Design Alliance’s DWGdirect libraries, from one point of view, incapable of creating DWG files that are 100% compatible with AutoCAD. Others point out that the failure of “100% compatibility” means only that loading such a drawing triggers an essentially irrelevant warning message when the file is opened in AutoCAD. In 2006, Autodesk applied for registration of US trademarks on “DWG”, “DWG EXTREME”, “DWG TRUECONVERT”, “REALDWG”, “DWGX”, “DWG TRUEVIEW”. As early as 1996, Autodesk has disclaimed exclusive use of the DWG mark in US trademark filings.

Out of these applications, only TRUSTEDDWG has been registered as a trademark by the USPTO. The REALDWG and DWGX registrations were opposed by SolidWorks. The DWG EXTREME, DWG TRUECONVERT, and DWG TRUEVIEW trademark registration applications all received substantial resistance, with the USPTO examining attorney requiring Autodesk to disclaim exclusive use of DWG as a condition for their registration.

Free DWG Viewer 16 Support:-

As neither RealDWG nor DWGdirect are licensed on terms that are compatible with free software licenses like the GNU GPL, in 2008 the Free Software Foundation asserted the need for an open replacement for the DWG format. Therefore, the FSF placed the goal ‘Replacement for OpenDWG libraries’ in 10th place on their High Priority Free Software Projects list. Forked in late 2009 from lib dog as the GNU LibreDWG project it can read most parts of DWG files from version R13 up to 2004. But as the libreDWG library is released under the GNU GPLv3 it can’t be used by most targeted FOSS graphic software.

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