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Ghost of Tsushima 2019 info:-

Ghost of Tsushima 2019, First announced at 2017’s Paris Games Week, Ghost of Tsushima is a brand new IP from Sucker Punch which will be exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation 4. Though Sucker Punch is largely known for the inFamous games, the developer is departing quite significantly from the inFamous formula with this new game.

Saying so-long to high-rise cities and neon superpowers, Ghost of Tsushima will be a historical open-world adventure that will take players back to Feudal Japan. We haven’t heard much about Ghost of Tsushima since it was revealed at E3 2018, but we’re anxiously waiting for Sony to shed some more light on the PS4 exclusive sometime soon.

Sound like your kind of thing? This is everything we know about the Ghost of Tsushima so far. PlayStation exclusive Ghost of Tsushima is about as far as it gets from comic book heroes with electric powers, but it’s the next game from Infamous studio Sucker Punch. The historical epic will tell the story of Jin Saka.

a lone samurai in 13th century Japan who must learn “the way of the Ghost” to battle Mongol invaders. In Infamous you explore powers. In this game, we let you explore what it is to be a samurai inside of this enormous landscape of medieval Japan,” says creative director Nate Fox.

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Ghost of Tsushima 2019 Gameplay:-

Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure stealth game. Played from a third-person perspective, the game features a large open world which can be freely explored. The game world will not feature any waypoints and can be explored without guidance.

Players can travel to different parts of the game’s world quickly by riding a horse. An item that acts as a grappling hook will be available to access areas that are difficult to reach. The game will feature side quests. Other characters can be interacted with.

Players can engage in confrontation with enemies using weapons such as a katana. They can also chain up a series of fatal assaults after highlighting the enemies. Alternatively, utilizing stealth allows to evade from enemies and strike them silently.

One-versus-one dueling with non-playable characters is also optional. Plus, for fans of all things samurai, it’s been a long time since they’ve had a AAA game based on this era in Japan to look forward to. Yes, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is out but that game includes plenty of fantastical elements to it – whereas Tsushima seems to be a bit more conventional.

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Ghost of Tsushima 2019 Development:-

Ghost of Tsushima is being developed by Sucker Punch Productions. After completing Infamous First Light, the team wanted to develop another open-world project because the team believed that choices made by the player are important to gameplay.

As a result, the game will not feature any waypoint so that players have complete freedom to explore the game’s world. According to Nate Fox, the game’s director, the team distilled the game’s numerous internal pitches into “the fantasy of becoming a samurai” during the game’s conceptualization.

To ensure that the title would be an accurate representation of feudal Japan, the team consulted cultural experts and sent an audio team to Japan to record different sounds, including birdsongs. The team will also allow players to switch the audio to Japanese with English subtitles to create a more authentic experience. Sucker Punch’s Infamous series served as an inspiration for Jin’s transversal techniques.

The game takes inspiration from the Japanese samurai cinema, notably Akira Kurosawa films such as Seven Samurai (1954) and Sanjuro (1962). The team consulted historical sword-fighting expert David Ishimaru to help create a historically-based foundation for the game.

In December 2015, Sony’s executive Scott Rohde revealed that Sucker Punch’s new project was in early development, but he added that the game was fun to play. Ghost of Tsushima was revealed at Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Paris Games Week presentation in October 2017.

Sony opted not to announce the title too early since many of the game’s systems were tentative and subjected to change. A gameplay demo was shown at E3 2018 and a live shakuhachi performance was delivered by Cornelius Boots.

Ghost of Tsushima 2019 Plot:-

Set in 1274 on Tsushima Island, the game revolves around the last samurai, Jin Sakai (Daisuke Tsuji), during the first Mongol invasion of Japan.  Jin will have to master a new fighting style, the way of the Ghost. open-world

to defeat the Mongols and fight for the freedom and independence of Japan. Ghost of Tsushima is set to be released for the PlayStation 4. Japanese composer Shigeru Umebayashi will compose the game’s music.

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