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God of War 2018 info:-

God of War 2018 is about midway through, Kratos and his son Atreus sit in a canoe in the middle of a lake, listening intently to a disembodied head recount the tawdry and tragic dramas of the Norse gods. The head dishes with the gusto of a gossip columnist and the smoothness of a public radio host. Kratos and son show the orator respect, only interrupting with the occasional question for clarification. That this serene moment doesn’t ring false, let alone veer into tedium, speaks to the tremendous heavy lifting done by the creators of God of War to shift the tone.

the style and the expectations of one of the most beloved but also most violent and debaucherous franchises in modern games. Last we saw Kratos, he still enjoyed getting hammered on a bottle of red, participating in a well-lit orgy and slaying Greek gods in ways that a teenager might storyboard onto the back of a ruled notebook. He and his franchise thrived on adrenaline, any inner turmoil serves as a springboard for ultraviolence, rather than an emotional well to be drawn from. Times change, and the new God of War, the part sequel (the story continues from where it left off) and part reboot (the adventure is slower and the characterization more thoughtful), has more heroic ambitions for the notorious antihero.

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God of War 2018 Gameplay:-

God of War is a third-person action-adventure video game. It features an over-the-shoulder free camera, a departure from the previous installments, which featured a fixed cinematic camera (with the exception of 2007’s two-dimensional side-scroller Betrayal).  Cinematographically, the game is presented in a continuous shot, with no camera cuts or loading screens.  Although the previous main installment, Ascension (2013), introduced multiplayer to the series, this installment is single-player-only.

The game is open, but it is not an open world. Due to its openness, a fast travel feature is unlocked later in the game. Swimming, an ability in previous games, was cut; players instead use a boat to traverse bodies of water. Unlike previous games, which allowed players to jump freely at any time, jumping can now only be done at designated areas, such as at a rockface or ledge. Throughout the game, players battle Norse mythological foes, like dark elves, wolves, drugs, as well as Gullveig and the revenants, beings warped by seiðr magic, among many others. Valkyries appear as optional boss battles.

Among the many side quests, players can free the imprisoned dragons Fáfnir, OTR, and Region—dwarfs who were turned into dragons—in addition to battling one called Hræzlyr, a story-based boss battle. The player controls the character Kratos in combo-based combat and puzzle game elements. The gameplay is vastly different from previous games, as it was completely rebuilt. A major change is that Kratos no longer uses his signature double-chained blades, the Blades of Chaos, as his default weapon. Instead, he uses a magical battle-ax, called the Leviathan Axe, which is infused with ice elemental magic. The axe can be thrown at enemies and magically summoned back to his hand (like Thor’s hammer Mjölnir). Please See More Information……..

God of War 2018 Characters:-

The game’s protagonists are Kratos (voiced by Christopher Judge) and his young son Atreus (Sunny Suljic). Kratos is a warrior originally from Sparta who became the Greek God of War and is a son of Zeus. After ending up in ancient Norway, he met his second now-deceased wife, Laufey (addressed as Faye). She bore their son, Atreus, who does not know about Kratos’ past or his divine nature but can hear other beings’ thoughts.

The main antagonist is the Æsir god Baldur (Jeremy Davies), the brother of Thor, whose sons Modi and Magni (Nolan North and Troy Baker, respectively) assist him. His parents are Odin and the Vanir goddess Freya (Danielle Bisutti). Freya tried leaving Odin, as she did not truly love him. Odin had her banished to Midgard, after which she became known as the Witch of the Woods. To protect her son from a prophecy that foretold his death, Freya cast a spell of immortality on Baldur, which also caused him not to feel pain or pleasure. He resented her for this. The only thing she could not prevent from breaking the spell was mistletoe, which she kept secret. serves

Other characters include Mímir (Alastair Duncan), who claims to be the smartest man alive, and the Huldra Brothers—Brok (Robert Craighead) and Sindri (Adam J. Harrington)—dwarves who appear at various points in the world and assist Kratos and Atreus with forging for new gear. Their weapons, including Thor’s hammer Mjölnir, were used by the Æsir gods. They had also forged Kratos’ Leviathan Axe, which originally belonged to Faye, who also gifted Kratos her Guardian Shield. The spirit of the Greek goddess Athena (Carole Ruggier) makes a cameo appearance, and Zeus (Corey Burton) appears as an illusion to Kratos in Helheim.

God of War 2018 Plot:-

Many years have passed since Kratos took vengeance on the Olympian gods, and he now lives with his young son Atreus in ancient Norway in the realm of Midgard. The game opens following the death of Kratos’ second wife and Atreus’ mother, Faye, whose last wish was for her ashes to be spread at the highest peak of the nine realms. Before starting their journey, Kratos is confronted by a mysterious man with godlike powers. After seemingly killing him, Kratos and Atreus begin their journey.

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