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Howl 2015 info:-

Howl 2015, Young ambitious ticket collector Joe is overseeing the last train out of London on a dark and stormy night – the usual collection of passengers on board from the obnoxious teen to the workaholic businesswoman. Suddenly the train screeches to a halt in a forest after hitting.

something on the tracks, but the investigating driver never returns. other dimensions and times – where the actual film that is represented by a mind-bending, excitement-inducing trailer turns out to be not-so-good. I’ve personally never experienced such a phenomenon until this evening’s viewing of Howl.

Okay, that’s a lie. We’ve all been disappointed by a trailer-hyped film and lived to tell about it. So let me tell you a tall tale – a tale of a group of mismatched and ill-fated passengers, stuck together when their train breaks down in a werewolf-infested forest in the middle of the UK.

There’s no communication. There’s a storm. And to set foot outside the crippled train – means certain death. I have a very deep affinity for siege films. I have an even deeper love for siege films with many different characters from varying backgrounds.

forced to work together, or more often than not, bicker about how to handle their respective film’s central crisis. Howl 2015 And this is why Howl was an immediate addition to my list of films to review.

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Howl 2015 Plot:-

Alpha Trax train guard Joe Griffin (Ed Speleers) arrives at Waterloo Station in time to start his shift on one of the overnight passenger trains, which is scheduled to depart London at midnight under a full moon. A group of passengers is introduced, consisting of Kate (Shauna Macdonald).

Adrian (Elliot Cowan), Matthew (Amit Shah), Billy (Sam Gittens), Nina (Rosie Day), Howl 2015 Paul (Calvin Dean) and Ged (Duncan Preston) and his wife Jenny (Ania Marson). While he checks the passengers for tickets, he meets his unrequited love, the tea-trolley girl, Ellen (Holly Weston).

who consoles him for being turned down for a promotion. An hour after departure, the train is traveling through a remote and forested part of the English countryside, in a mobile communication “dead zone”. Here the train is forced to undergo an emergency brake to prevent a derailment when a deer runs onto the line.

The train driver Tony (Sean Pertwee) goes outside to remove the body of the deer from the undercarriage. Whilst outside, Tony gets the deer’s blood on him and is suddenly eviscerated by a humanoid creature with phosphoric yellow eyes. Meanwhile, the passengers inside the stranded Alpha Trax.

are all initially strangers and demand that Joe get the train moving. The already strained situation is deepened when the train’s fuel lines are severed and the radio antenna gets destroyed in a series of attacks, and subsequently, the passengers are cut off from the rest of the world.

After Joe discovers that Tony is missing, he tries to convince everyone to remain calm, but Adrian convinces everyone that the best choice is to disembark and walk towards the nearest station. Joe leads the group away from the train, but soon discovers the disemboweled body of Tony. Please See More Information……….

Howl 2015 Cast:-

  • Ed Speleers – Joe
  • Holly Weston – Ellen
  • Sean Pertwee – Train Driver Tony
  • Shauna Macdonald – Kate
  • Elliot Cowan – Adrian
  • Amit Shah – Matthew
  • Sam Gittins – Billy
  • Rosie Day – Nina
  • Duncan Preston – Ged
  • Ania Marson – Jenny
  • Calvin Dean – Paul, the drunken football yob
  • Brett Goldstein – David, the new Supervisor
  • Ryan Oliva – Scar Werewolf
  • Robert Nairne – Hunchback Werewolf
  • Ross Mullan – Blonde Werewolf

Howl 2015 Production:-

Howl was directed by Paul Hyett, previously known for his effects collaborations with fellow British horror film director Neil Marshall. Hyett had previously been a special effect, creature, prosthetic and make-up designer for Marshall’s earlier films such as Doomsday.

The Descent, Centurion, and Dog Soldiers; the latter 2002 film also a werewolf movie. Actress Shauna Macdonald played the lead role, Sarah, in The Descent, and also has a starring role in Howl. Sean Pertwee starred in Dog Soldiers. and also has a role in Howl. Paul Hyett also worked on the effects for the British horror films The Woman in Black and Attack the Block.

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