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Ice Age 2002 info:-

Ice Age was released on March 15, 2002 as a computer-animated comedy-drama adventure film directed by Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldanha. It is the first of five films released in the Ice Age series, made by Blue Sky Studios and distributed by 20th Century Fox. It features the voices of Ray Romano, Goran Visnjic, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, and Chris Wedge.

The film is set during the days of the ice age; animals begin migrating south to escape the winters. Once Manny, a cranky mammoth, meets Sid, a loudmouthed ground sloth, and the two find a human baby named Roshan, they set out to return the baby. Joining them is a saber-tooth tiger named Diego, who is commanded by his pack leader, Soto, to bring the baby to him to enact revenge against the humans.

The film received generally positive from critics and critical acclaim from audiences. The film was a box office success, earning $383 worldwide against it’s $59 million budget. The film won several film awards, including an Academy Award nomination. A tribe of humans camp near a waterfall, among them their leader, named Runar, with his wife Nadia and their infant son Roshan, before heading north to their settlement in the mountains.Ice Age 2002 movie poster download

Ice Age 2002 Plot:-

A saber-toothed squirrel known as Scrat attempts to find a place to store his acorn for the winter. Eventually, as he tries to stomp it into the ground, he inadvertently causes a large crack to form in the ice that extends for miles before setting off a large avalanche which nearly crushes him.

He barely escapes but finds himself getting stepped on by a herd of prehistoric animals migrating south in order to escape the forthcoming ice age. Sid, a clumsy ground sloth, is left behind by his family and decides to move on by himself, but is attacked by two prehistoric rhinos after ruining their meal and making them angry. Sid is soon rescued by Manny, a gruff woolly mammoth heading north, who fights the rhinos off and continues on his path.

Sid joins Manny, not wanting to be alone and unprotected. Manny is annoyed by Sid’s outgoing demeanor and wishes to migrate on his own, but Sid nonetheless continues to follow Manny. Meanwhile, Soto, the leader of a pack of saber-toothed tigers, wants revenge on a group of humans for killing half of his pack, by eating the chief’s infant son, Roshan, alive.

Soto leads a raid on the human camp, during which the baby’s mother is separated from everyone else and jumps down a waterfall upon being cornered by Soto’s lieutenant, Diego. As punishment for his failure to retrieve the baby, Diego is sent to find and retrieve the baby.

Later, Sid and Manny encounter the baby and his mother near the lake, having survived her plunge. The mother only has enough strength to entrust her baby to Manny before she disappears into the water. After much persuasion by Sid, they decide to return the baby, but when they reach the human settlement, they find it deserted. They meet up with Diego, who convinces the pair to let him help by tracking the humans. Please See More Information….. 

Ice Age 2002 Production:-

Ice Age was originally pitched to 20th Century Fox in 1997 by producer Lori Forte. The film, originally envisioned as a traditionally animated movie with an action-oriented comedy-drama tone, was intended to be developed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman’s Fox Animation Studios. Around the same time, Blue Sky Studios, a small special FX studio in White Plains, New York, was bought out by Fox and reshaped into a full-fledged CG animation film studio.

In light of this, Fox Animation head Chris Meledandri and executive producer Steve Bannerman approached Forte with the proposition of developing the film as a computer-animated movie, which Forte realized was “basically a no-brainer,” according to her. Michael J. Wilson, who had written and developed the film’s original story treatments in conjunction with Forte, wrote the first draft for the script, and Chris Wedge, the co-founder of Blue Sky, was brought on to the project as the director in late 1998.

Fox also opted for the movie to take a more comedy-oriented direction albeit while still maintaining some dramatic elements, and brought writer Michael Berg to help emphasize a funnier tone. After being hired, Berg reportedly told the studio that he couldn’t write a kid’s film, to which the studio responded “Great! Just write a good story.

Ice age 2002 Writing:-

Michael J. Wilson stated on his blog that his daughter Flora came up with the idea for an animal that was a mixture of both squirrel and rat, naming it Scrat, and that the animal was obsessed with pursuing his acorn. The plan to have Scrat talk was quickly dropped, as he worked better as a silent character for comedic effect.

The name ‘Scrat’ is a combination of the words ‘squirrel’ and ‘rat’, as Scrat has characteristics of both species; Wedge has also called him “saber-toothed squirrel.” Scrat’s opening adventure was inserted because, without it, the first real snow and ice sequence wouldn’t take place until about 37 minutes into the film. This was the only role intended for Scrat, but he proved to be such a popular character with test audiences that he was given more scenes. The filmmakers made it so that many of the scenes with Scrat appear directly after dramatic moments in the film.

In a 2012 interview with Jay Leno, Denis Leary revealed that his character, Diego the sabertooth, originally died near the end of the film. However, it was reported that kids in the test audience bursted into tears when his death was shown. Leary himself warned the producers that something like this would happen. When it was proven true, the scene was re-written to ensure Diego survived.

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