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iTunes info:-

iTunes is a media player, media library, Internet radio broadcaster, mobile device management utility, and the client app for iTunes Store. It is used to purchase, play, download, and organize digital multimedia, on personal computers running the macOS and Windows operating systems.

Tunes are developed by Apple Inc. It was announced on January 9, 2001, In some rare instances, you might need to remove I Tunes and related software components before you reinstall I Tunes or install iTunes from the Microsoft Store.

If you’re directed to reinstall i Tunes by AppleCare, an article, or an alert dialog, you can do so by following the steps below. Media that you buy from the I Tunes Store or songs that you import from CDs are saved in your My Music folder by default.

They won’t be deleted when you remove me Tunes. Although it’s highly unlikely that you’ll lose any of your i Tunes Library when following the steps below, it’s always good practice to make regular backups of your iTunes library.

If you need help downloading or updating iTunes from the Microsoft Store, contact Microsoft for help. If you can’t update or install i Tunes for Windows and you downloaded it from Apple’s website, learn what to do.

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iTunes History:-

SoundJam MP, released by Casady & Greene in 1998, was renamed “I Tunes” when Apple purchased it in 2000. The primary developers of the software moved to Apple as part of the acquisition, and simplified SoundJam’s user interface added the ability to burn CDs.

and removed its recording feature and skin support. The first version of iTunes, promotionally dubbed “World’s Best and Easiest To Use Jukebox Software”, was announced on January 9, 2001. Subsequent releases of I Tunes often coincided with new hardware devices.

and gradually included support for new features, including “smart playlists,” i Tunes Store, and new audio formats. Apple released iTunes for Windows in 2003.

In May 2017, Microsoft and Apple announced that they would bring i Tunes to the Microsoft Store by the end of that year in order to work on Windows 10 S devices, which are limited to software available in the Microsoft Store.

However, Apple told ZDNet in December that it “[needs] a little more time to get it right”, and thus won’t be available in 2017. Apple released the Microsoft Store version on April 26, 2018.  Tunes features a music library. Each track has attributes, called metadata, that can be edited by the user.

including changing the name of the artist, album, and genre, year of release, artwork, among other additional settings. The software supports importing digital audio tracks that can then be transferred to iOS devices, as well as supporting ripping content from CDs.

i Tunes supports WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless, AAC, and MP3 audio formats.  It uses the Gracenote music database to provide track name listings for audio CDs. When users rip content from a CD, iTunes attempts to match songs to the Gracenote service. Please See More Information…….

iTunes Special playlists:-

Introduced in 2004, “Party Shuffle” selected tracks to play randomly from the library, though users could press a button to skip the current song and go to the next in the list. The feature was later renamed “I Tunes DJ”, before being discontinued altogether.

replaced by a simpler “Up Next” feature that notably lost some of the “I Tunes DJ”‘s functionality. Introduced in I Tunes 8 in 2008, “Genius” can automatically generate a playlist of songs from the user’s library that “go great together”.

“Genius” transmits information about the user’s library to Apple anonymously and evolves over time to enhance its recommendation system. It can also suggest purchases to fill out “holes” in the library. The feature was updated with I Tunes 9 in 2009 to offer “Genius Mixes”, which generated playlists based on specific music genres.

“Smart playlists” are a set of playlists that can be set to automatically filter the library based on a customized list of selection criteria, much like a database query. Multiple criteria can be entered to manage the smart playlist. Selection criteria examples include a genre like Christmas music, songs that haven’t been played recently, or songs the user has listened to the most in a time period.

iTunes Video:-

In May 2005, video support was introduced to iTunes with the release of I Tunes 4.8, though it was limited to bonus features part of album purchases. The following October, Apple introduced I Tunes 6, enabling support for purchasing and viewing video content purchased from the iTunes Store.

At launch, the store offered popular shows from the ABC network, including Desperate Housewives and Lost, along with Disney Channel series That’s So Raven and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Then-CEO Steve Jobs told the press that “We’re doing for video what we’ve done for music — we’re making it easy and affordable to purchase and download, play on your computer, and take with you on your iPod”.

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