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Kung Fu Panda 2 2011 info:-

Kung Fu Panda 2 2011 is a 3D American computer-animated action/comedy film and the sequel to Kung Fu Panda. It was produced by DreamWorks Animation, distributed by Paramount Pictures, and directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson.

The original voice cast of the first film reprised their returning characters’ roles and Kung Fu Panda 2 2011 was joined by new cast members Gary Oldman, Michelle Yeoh, Danny McBride, Victor Garber, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Dennis Haysbert.

The film was released on May 26, 2011, in Real D 3D and Digital 3D. It received positive reviews, with critics praising its animation, voice acting, and character development.

It was also a commercial success surpassing the original film and, as the original film, Kung Fu Panda 2 2011 was the highest-grossing animated feature film of the year. The film was nominated for multiple awards, including the 2011 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

In Kung Fu Panda 2, Po is now living his dream as the Dragon Warrior, protecting the Valley of Peace alongside his friends and fellow kung fu masters, the Furious Five. But Po’s new life of awesomeness is threatened Kung Fu Panda 2 2011 by the emergence of a formidable villain.

Who plans to use a secret, unstoppable weapon to conquer China and destroy kung fu. It is up to Po and the Furious Five to journey across Kung Fu Panda 2 2011 China to face this threat and vanquish it.

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Kung Fu Panda 2 2011 Plot:-

Lord Shen, the scion of a peacock clan that rules Gongmen City in ancient China, seeks to weaponize his family’s recently invented fireworks. After discovering from the court’s goat soothsayer that “a warrior of black-and-white” will defeat him if he does not change his ways.

Shen leads an army of wolves to exterminate the panda population Kung Fu Panda 2 2011 to avert the prophecy. Shen’s parents are horrified by this atrocity and exile him as punishment. Thirty years later, Po is living his dream as the Dragon Warrior, protecting the Valley of Peace alongside his friends and fellow kung fu masters.

The Furious Five. However, his teacher Shifu tells him that he has yet to achieve inner peace. While defending a village from wolf bandits who have been stealing metal for Shen, Po is distracted by a symbol on their leader’s armor, which causes him to have a flashback of his mother and allows the wolves to escape.

Po asks his goose father, Mr. Ping, about his origins; Ping reveals that he found Po as an infant in a radish crate and adopted him, but Po remains unsatisfied, wondering how and why he ended up in the valley. Shifu learns that Shen has returned to Gongmen City and killed Thundering Rhino.

The leader of the kung fu council protecting the City, and is plotting to conquer China with his newly developed cannon that was forged with the stolen metal. Shifu sends Po and the Furious Five to Gongmen City to stop Shen and destroy his weapon.

They find the city occupied by Shen’s forces, with the two surviving council members Storming Ox and Croc imprisoned, refusing to help liberate the city due to Shen’s “unstoppable” weapon. Po and the Five are discovered by the wolf boss and give chase, only to be arrested in front of Shen’s tower. Please See More Information…….

Kung Fu Panda 2 2011 Production:-

After the original Kung Fu Panda was released in June 2008, DreamWorks Animation planned a second film with the subtitle Pandamonium, which was changed by 2010 to The Kaboom of Doom before simply being retitled to Kung Fu Panda 2. Jennifer Yuh Nelson.

Who was the head of the story for the first film, was hired to direct the sequel. The original film’s cast members reprised their voice roles. Like every DreamWorks Animation film from Monsters vs. Aliens onward, Kung Fu Panda 2 was produced in DreamWorks’ stereoscopic 3-D technology of InTru 3D.

Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, screenwriters, and co-producers for the first film, returned to write and co-produce the sequel, with Charlie Kaufman consulting on the screenplay early on in the development process. In Kung Fu Panda 2, the production crew showed increased familiarity with Chinese culture.

In 2008, after the release of Kung Fu Panda, DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and other DreamWorks members including production designer Raymond Zibach and director Jennifer Yuh Nelson visited the city of Chengdu, which is considered as the “panda hometown”.

In addition to seeing real pandas at the Giant Panda Research Centre, the production designer crew members learned about the local culture. Katzenberg has stated that the sequel incorporates many elements of Chengdu in the film. The film’s landscape and architecture also found.

Inspiration from those found at Mount Qingcheng, a renowned Taoist mountain. In an interview with the China Daily, Zibach recounted that the Panda research center influenced the movie in a big way.

As did their experience of holding a month-old panda cub named A Bao, which gave the idea for baby Po in a flashback. It also gave them the idea of featuring Sichuan Food like Mapo tofu and Dandan noodles.

Kung Fu Panda 2 2011 Box office:-

The film grossed $165.2 million in the United States and Canada, along with $500.4 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $665.7 million. In total, 3D contributed approximately 53% of the film’s worldwide gross. Worldwide, it is the highest-grossing 2011 animated film and the sixth highest-grossing film of 2011.

Overall, it is the 14th highest-grossing animated film and the 69th highest-grossing film. On its first weekend, it earned $108.9 million worldwide, ranking third behind Pirates of the Caribbean:

On Stranger Tides and The Hangover Part II. It was the highest-grossing film directed by a woman until Frozen two years later, as the well as the highest-grossing film directed solely by a woman until 2017’s Wonder Woman.

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