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M S Dhoni The Untold Story 2016 info:-

M S Dhoni The Untold Story 2016, The biopic on India’s celebrated skipper, MS Dhoni (played by Sushant Singh Rajput) is the cricketer’s ode to his well-wishers, friends, and family, who stood by him at all times – in success and failure.

Their immense contribution to fulfilling his dream, his faith in himself and the ability to battle professional and personal setbacks, forms the story. If you are a diehard fan of MS Dhoni and cricket (in that order), you are bound to love this film, which reveres its protagonist.

Despite the glorification, what works is Sushant’s impeccable portrayal of a stoic Dhoni and the latter’s inspiring untold story his journey from being a ticket collector to a renowned attacking batsman/wicket-keeper/captain.

Sushant internalizes his character and becomes MSD, without heavily mimicking the cricketer. He even nails his iconic helicopter shot and restrained personality. The actor scores a winning knock. The film also boasts of a spectacular first-half.

which showcases Dhoni’s initial struggle as an aspiring professional cricketer.  M S Dhoni The Untold Story 2016It reminds you why sportsmen deserve the fame and money they get. Neeraj Pandey recreates Dhoni’s Ranchi life beautifully.

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M S Dhoni The Untold Story 2016 Plot:-

In the pre-credits sequence, there is a scene of the 2011 Cricket World Cup Final. MS Dhoni, India’s captain, walks out to bat after Kohli’s wicket. The film begins in Ranchi, 7 July 1981. At the hospital maternity unit, Pan Singh is confused about whether he has got a girl or boy.

He later names his baby boy Mahendra. Dhoni’s father is a pump operator who waters the practice ground. Fourteen years later, Dhoni is spotted by a cricket coach while goalkeeping in a football game.

He invites him to try out for the school cricket team as a wicketkeeper and selects him after being impressed. M S Dhoni The Untold Story 2016 Dhoni improves his batting and becomes a regular member of the team.

Three years later, Dhoni helps win an inter-school cricket match. After achieving much fame, Dhoni is selected for the Ranji Trophy but his draft notice is held up due to which he is late in reaching Kolkata despite his friends’ help.

But Dhoni does not give up and, to please his father, he joins the Kharagpur Station as a ticket collector. M S Dhoni The Untold Story 2016 Years later, Dhoni’s sister Jayanti is married.

After some time, Dhoni is depressed with his job. With the insistence of his manager, Dhoni decides to play cricket alongside his work, and after his day-shifts, he goes to practice cricket. He participates in different tournaments and as a result, he gets selected for the Railways.

After a good performance, he tries-out for the India national under-19 cricket team selections. Bihar loses to Punjab where Yuvraj Singh scores 301 and Dhoni does not succeed though he is selected for the Duleep Trophy. Please See More Information……….

M S Dhoni The Untold Story 2016 Writing:-

Pandey was attracted to Dhoni’s story not because of his successful cricket career, saying that “it’s foolish to chase MS Dhoni’s life story only because it’s about cricket,” but rather to instances and factors that made him the person, he is today.

Dhoni wasn’t involved in writing the script. Pandey recruited a team of researchers who collated data and background information while the director was busy directing Baby (2015). The filmmakers decided that they would only green-light the film once they had a convincing story to tell after the research.

Pandey met with Dhoni numerous times over a span of eight months and by the eighth month of their meetings, in 2014, the main arc of the story began to form. Their first meeting took place in Delhi during a cricket match. During their sporadic meetings, Pandey chose not to record and tape their conversations which prompted Dhoni to open up more.

Arun Pandey says 98% of the content in the film is the reality. The team undertook two years of research on the various incidents and how they took place. Pandey says “such authenticity would be hard to find even in Hollywood.”

Pandey revealed several prominent aspects of Dhoni’s life that were hidden before including the fact that Dhoni initially disdained cricket and had a predilection for football instead, his signature “helicopter shot” was taught to him by his friend Santosh Lal, he likes women who don’t recognize him,.

he and Yuvraj Singh had close ties even before their respective stardom and it was Dhoni who ousted Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid from the team since he wanted to build a young team for the 2011 World Cup with better fielders and he wasn’t too happy with the ‘fitness’ levels of the aforementioned cricketers.

M S Dhoni The Untold Story 2016 Casting:-

Director Pandey, who has not seen any of Sushant Singh Rajput’s films, followed his intuition when it came to casting him. Rajput was always his first choice given how both Dhoni and Rajput hail from the same part of India.

which made it easy for him to get the dialect right and the fact he has a predilection for sports like Dhoni. M S Dhoni The Untold Story 2016 When he met Rajput and chatted with him for 15 minutes, he knew that the accent, the setting and the milieu they needed to capture would not be a problem.

Rajput admits that he is a fan of Dhoni, and describes himself as an “ardent” cricket fan. Rajput’s sister is a professional cricketer who once made it to the women’s national team, while he himself wasn’t very good at the sport no matter how hard he tried, even failing to get selected for the school team.

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