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Nayak The Real Hero 2001 info:-

Nayak The Real Hero is a 2001 Hindi film which has Anil Kapoor, Rani Mukerji, Amrish Puri, Johnny Lever, Pooja Batra and Sushmita Sen in lead roles. We have and one song lyrics of Nayak The Real Hero. A. R. Rahman has composed its music. Alka Yagnik and Shankar Mahadevan have sung these songs while Anand Bakshi has penned its lyrics.

Employed as a camera-man at a popular television station QTV; Shivaji Rao Gaekwad work his way up and is eventually promoted as a reporter. One of his jobs involves interviewing the Chief Minister Balraj Chauhan. During the interview, he brings to light the facts of Chauhan to the general public.

Aggravated at this Chauhan decides that he will challenge him to become the Chief Minister for a day which he accepts. During his tenure, Shivaji attempts to make the wrong right by punishing dishonest people while at the same time ensure that the masses get what they aspire for.

But when his life return to normal he will find that nothing is the same anymore as he and his loved ones are made targets by Chauhan’s goons this pushes Shivaji to enter politics and eventually elect as the Chief Minister – a Chief Minister who wants to continue the remaining of his day’s work.

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Nayak The Real Hero 2001 Plot:-

The plot focuses on the protagonist, Shivaji Rao (Anil Kapoor). He happens to be an ambitious TV reporter, working for “Q TV” along with his friend Topi (Johnny Lever). While on the job, Rao records a conversation in which the Chief Minister Balraj Chauhan (Amrish Puri), takes an indifferent stand during riots triggered by a fight between some college students and bus drivers, so as not to lose his voter base. Due to police inaction, there is loss of life and damage to property.

To explain his actions, Chauhan later agrees to a live interview with Shivaji, during which Rao raises these issues and airs the Chief Minister’s stand he had caught on tape.

In response to Shivaji’s allegations about the mismanagement by his government, Chauhan redirects the question by instead talking about how difficult his job is due to red tape and bureaucracy, and challenges Shivaji to be the CM for a day and experience those problems himself. Shivaji reluctantly accepts the challenge to prove Chauhan wrong.

Educated and vigilant, Shivaji takes care of issues that affect the populace every day, giving the slum their rightful apartments, getting jobs for the unemployed, suspending inefficient and corrupt government officers. He is assisted by the secretary, Bansal (Paresh Rawal) who serves as a sidekick.

As the last act of the day, Rao gets Chauhan arrested as he is the root cause of all the corruption. Later, Chauhan bails out and passes an ordinance to nullify all orders passed by Shivaji when he was the CM. Taking Shivaji’s success as an insult, Chauhan sends hitmen to get him killed and destroys his house on false grounds. Please See More Information…..

Nayak The Real Hero 2001 Production:-

The protagonist’s character name “Shivaji Rao” was specially named after Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth’s real name. This was because the lead role was initially written with Rajinikanth in mind for the original Tamil version, however, his refusal led to Shankar later signing on Arjun and he had retained the character’s name in the Hindi version.

Originally the first and original choice of the role of Manjari was Manisha Koirala was going to reprise her earlier role from Mudhalvan but she was busy with huge and multi-starrer films like Grahan and Lajja therefore she refused.

Later on, the role played by Rani Mukerji went to Karisma Kapoor, Tabu, Raveena Tandon and Preity Zinta but all of them had date troubles and therefore Mukerji came on board. The inaugural shot of Nayak was done on 15 July 2000 by Rakesh Roshan. Filming began on 18 December in Mumbai.

Nayak The Real Hero 2001 Soundtrack:-

The soundtrack for the film was composed by A.R.Rahman. He reused all the songs except “Mudhalvane” song, from the original film Mudhalvan. A new track “Saiyyan” was added. The track “Shakalaka Baby” was reused in the musical Bombay Dreams also. The lyrics for the perturbed songs were written by veteran poet Anand Bakshi and this was one of his last films before he died in 2002.

The audio rights were bought by T-Series for ₹6 crores and released on 4 July 2001. Comparing with the Tamil version which was a massive success, the album did only an average business. According to the Indian trade website Box Office India, with around 14,00,000 units sold, this film’s soundtrack album was the year’s fourteenth highest-selling.

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