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Notebook 2019 remember playing FLAMES on the last page of your notebook? The innocent love that was tucked secretly within the pages of the school books? Nitin Kakkar’s Notebook draws you back to those times.

When we didn’t swipe right on Tinder to find love or slid into each other’s DMs for late-night chats. Instead, we waited patiently day after day for them to make their way to the classroom.

However, Kakkar’s classroom is unlike any. It is set in a secluded school on the Wular Lake in Kashmir, with only seven students to call its own. But there is a twist. Notebook 2019 download movies, Notebook 2019 free movie download, Notebook 2019 hd movie download.

The innocent budding romance is not between any of the classmates; instead, between two teachers in this godforsaken slice of paradise, who have never met each other. Based on the Thai film A Teacher’s Diary, Notebook tells the story of Kabir Kaul (Zaheer Iqbal), an ex-army officer who decides to join his dad’s school as a teacher.

With no professional training in teaching, he finds it hard to deal with the kids, and that’s when Firdaus’s (Pranutan Bahl) diary comes to his rescue. A diary that is left behind by the previous teacher in the desk drawer. The diary opens the door to Firdaus’s story, and Kabir cannot stop falling irreversibly in love with her.

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Notebook 2019 Plot:-

Kabir Kaul, a young retired army officer, decides to teach in his late father’s school, the Wular Public School as the school will be closed if there is no teacher to teach. At the school, he finds a diary left behind in the desk drawer by the previous teacher.

Firdaus Quadri. Children start coming to school after learning that a new teacher has arrived. However, they disobey Kabir, leading him to think that he cannot teach, but after reading Firdaus’s diary, he gains confidence and decides to try. Notebook 2019 movie download, Notebook 2019 online movies.

Kabir experiences a breakup with his girlfriend, who is having an affair and believes that Kabir is now unfit to marry her as he has left the army. He is heartbroken but takes solace in the schoolchildren and Firdaus’s diary, writing comments in it.

He learns about Imran, one of the schoolchildren, whose father, Yakub, wants him to help in the household rather than attending school. Using help from the diary, Kabir succeeds in bringing Imran back to school. He decides to burn Firdaus’s diary after learning she is getting married but retrieves it in a fit of epiphany.

On her wedding day, Firdaus finds out that her fiance was cheating on her and the other woman is carrying his child. She calls off the marriage and returns to Wular Public School. The children are overjoyed to have her back though Kabir is gone.

She finds her diary in the same drawer she had left it in a year before and reads Kabir’s comments. He had written that he was in love with the writer and had learned valuable lessons from her diary. Curious, Firdaus asks the principal about Kabir the same way he had asked about her. The principal tells her that he has gone to take a teaching course. Please See More Information…….

Notebook 2019 Cast:-

  • Zaheer Iqbal as Kabir Kaul
  • Pranutan Bahl as Firdaus Quadri
  • Farhana Bhat as Dolly
  • Mir Sarwar as Yakub
  • Mom Bhatt as Junaid
  • Mir Mehrooz as Imran
  • Mir Zayaan as Tariq
  • Baba Hatim as Waqar
  • Adiba Bhatt as Dua
  • Solia Maqbool as Shama
  • Kosar Chandpuri as Young Yakub

Notebook 2019 Reception:-

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has scored 25% based on 8 reviews with an average rating of 4.6/10. Nandini Ramnath of writes, “Notebook has an unremarkable lead pair, an underwhelming dull love story in which the actors don’t share the screen for nearly the entire duration of the narrative.

Some of the most ravishing views of Kashmir yet, a bunch of adorable children and a soundtrack with a few good tunes.” Rachit Gupta of Times of India rated the film with three stars out of five and says, “Notebook is an easy watch where you can appreciate the humor.

Drama and romance. But the film leaves you wanting more. Perhaps with more creativity in writing, this young romantic saga could have achieved more.” Writing for DNA Meena Iyer finds nothing wrong with the film but wished, “it hadn’t been so antiseptic.” She rates the film with three stars out of five.

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