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Now Apocalypse 2019:-

Now Apocalypse 2019 is an American comedy television series that aired for one season of ten episodes from March 10 to May 12, 2019, on Starz. The series was written by Gregg Araki and Karley Sciortino. Araki also was director and executive producer alongside Steven Soderbergh and Gregory Jacobs. Starz canceled the series on July 26, 2019. The announcement was made at the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Friday. “’Now Apocalypse’ is a great show, as we all know it’s been a really good experiment, but we have made the decision not to bring it back,” said Starz COO Jeffrey Hirsch. The series, created by Gregg Araki, was described as a surreal, coming-of-age comedy that follows Ulysses (Avan Jogia) and his friends Carly (Kelli Berglund), Ford (Beau Mirchoff), and Severine (Roxane Mesquida), who are on various quests pursing love, sex and fame in Los Angeles. Between sexual and romantic dating app adventures, Ulysses’ foreboding premonitory dreams make him wonder if some kind of dark and monstrous conspiracy going on, or is he just smoking too much weed? Araki co-wrote each episode with Karley Sciortino, creator and host of “Slutever” on Viceland. Araki also executive produced along with Steven Soderbergh and Gregory Jacobs.

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Now Apocalypse 2019 Episodes:-

This Is the Beginning of the End, Ulysses finally meets Gabriel, the attractive guy he has been texting. They hook up in an alley, and are both affected by the encounter. Online sex worker Carly is bored with Jethro, the actor she is dating. Aspiring screenwriter Ford is approached by a producer, Barnabas. He wants to be exclusive with astrobiological theorist Severine, but she prefers an open relationship. Ulysses finds himself at the scene of his recurring nightmare, in which a homeless man is being raped by a reptilian alien. Where Is My Mind, Trying to make sense of his vision, Ulysses reads about an alleged conspiracy involving reptilian aliens infiltrating Earth society. Barnabas takes Ford to a film premiere, where he meets famed director Otto West. Severine lures Ford into a threesome with Daphne, but Severine prefers to watch. Jethro finds Carly’s stash of sex toys, and agrees to let her spank him. The Rules of Attraction, Ulysses is bewildered by Gabriel’s disappearance. Otto convinces Ford to pose for him. Severine’s investigation continues. Carly’s acting teacher Frank comes on to her. Ford is upset when Severine has sex with her ex, Mustafa. Ulysses gets a middle-of-the-night text from Gabriel, and reluctantly agrees to meet him. The Downward Spiral, Ulysses has sex with a straight, married delivery guy. Ford takes Ulysses to a men’s support group. Severine suspects she is being watched and followed. Carly interviews new roommates. Ford tells Severine that he was upset when she slept with Mustafa, and she suggests that they try only having sex with other people together. Stranger Than Paradise, Ford takes Severine, Ulysses, and Carly to a lavish celebrity party in Palm Springs. Ulysses has brusque encounter alien conspiracy theorist Mitchell Kent. Severine rushes back to LA for a work emergency. Please See More Information…….

Now Apocalypse 2019 Cast:-

  • Avan Jogia as Ulysses Zane
  • Kelli Berglund as Carly Carlson
  • Beau Mirchoff as Ford Halstead
  • Roxane Mesquida as Severine Bordeaux
  • Evan Hart as Lars
  • Taylor Hart as Klaus
  • Tyler Posey as Gabriel
  • Desmond Chiam as Jethro
  • Kevin Daniels as Barnabas
  • Grace Victoria Cox as Amber
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub as Frank
  • Chris Aquilino as Kai
  • Avra Friedman as Magenta
  • Henry Rollins as Mitchell Kent
  • RJ Mitte as Leif
  • Jacob Artist as Isaac
  • James Duval as Homeless man

Now Apocalypse 2019 Development:-

Gregg Araki was inspired to do television by the mystery series Twin Peaks, which he called “so ground-breaking and artistic and unusual and just its totally own thing”. He directed episodes of several television series, but was hesitant to run his own show until he thought about the story potential of life in Los Angeles. Araki presented the idea to writer Karley Sciortino, who started working with him on the script. Gregory Jacobs, who had worked with Araki on Red Oaks, joined the project and brought in Steven Soderbergh. The production designer, costume designer, and director of photography have previously worked on other projects with Araki.

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