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NVIDIA PhysX 9 info:-

NVIDIA PhysX 9 is the tool that was made available in order to help you easily add support for the above-mentioned technology. Though the use of this software, you can obtain superior physics simulation and more fluid movement in your favorite games. Utilizing the GPU’s capabilities to perform highly complex calculations, NVIDIA PhysX makes the action more realistic, while improving the look and feel of the games. This way, hardware-accelerated physics can turn interactions with various elements into life-like experiences.

The PhysX configuration area is easily accessible from the ‘NVIDIA Control Panel’ and it offers you the possibility to manually select the processor that will be used. Also, the choice can be done automatically if you use the recommended setting ‘Auto-select’. Insofar as the supported hardware is concerned, NVIDIA PhysX can work with many GeForce series, including 8, 9, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 as well as 600-series, requiring at least 256 MB dedicated graphics memory.

Games like Borderlands 2, Hawken, Mafia II, Batman: Arkham City or Batman: Arkham Asylum are on the list of titles that support PhysX. Enabling this technology means you can enjoy spectacular effects, denser fog and smoke, more detailed characters with life-like movements and more natural behavior of objects when certain actions occur.

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NVIDIA PhysX 9 History:-

What is known today as PhysX originated as a physics simulation engine called NovodeX? The engine was developed by Swiss company NovodeX AG, an ETH Zurich spin-off. In 2004, Ageia acquired NovodeX AG and began developing a hardware technology that could accelerate physics calculations, aiding the CPU.

Ageia called the technology PhysX PPU, and the SDK was renamed from NovodeX to PhysX. The first game to use PhysX was Bet On Soldier: Blood Sport.  In 2008, Ageia was itself acquired by graphics technology manufacturer Nvidia. Nvidia started enabling PhysX hardware acceleration on its line of GeForce graphics cards and eventually dropped support for Ageia PPUs.

PhysX SDK 3.0 was released in May 2011 and represented a significant rewrite of the SDK, bringing improvements such as more efficient multithreading and a unified code base for all supported platforms. At GDC 2015, Nvidia made the source code for PhysX available on GitHub, but required registration at developer.nvidia.com.

The proprietary SDK was provided to developers for free for both commercial and non-commercial use on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android platforms. On December 3, 2018, PhysX was made open source under a 3-clause BSD license, but this change applied only to Windows, Linux, MacOS X, Android ARM and iOS.

NVIDIA PhysX 9 Hardware Acceleration:-

A physics processing unit (PPU) is a processor specially designed to alleviate the calculation burden on the CPU, specifically calculations involving physics. PPU cards with PhysX support were available from the manufacturers ASUS, BFG Technologies, and ELSA Technology. Beginning with version 2.8.3 of the PhysX SDK, support for PPU cards was dropped, and PPU cards are no longer manufactured. The last incarnation of PhysX PPU standalone card designed by Ageia had roughly the same PhysX performance as a dedicated 9800GTX.

After Nvidia’s acquisition of Ageia, PhysX development turned away from PPU extension cards and focused instead on the GPGPUcapabilities of modern GPUs. Modern GPUs are very efficient at manipulating and displaying computer graphics, and their highly parallel structure makes them more effective than general-purpose CPUs for accelerating physical simulations using PhysX. Any CUDA-ready GeForce graphics card (8-series or later GPU with a minimum of 32 cores and a minimum of 256 MB dedicated graphics memory ) can take advantage of PhysX without the need to install a dedicated PhysX card.

NVIDIA PhysX 9 Features:-

The PhysX engine and SDK are available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii,, iOS and Android. PhysX is a multi-threaded physics simulation SDK. It supports rigid body dynamics, soft body dynamics (like cloth simulation, including tearing and pressurized cloth), ragdolls and character controllers, vehicle dynamics, particles and volumetric fluid simulation.

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