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Planes 2013, Beware of critics gunning for Planes as if they were the Red Baron dive-bombing Snoopy. The aeronautical spin-off of Pixar’s “Cars” franchise is carrying way too much-unchecked baggage to be dismissed.

as yet another cartoon attraction in the summer already overrun with leafy warriors, collegiate monsters, high-octane snails, mumbling Minions and annoying Smurfs.

First, Disney—which owns the premier animation house that “Toy Story” built—had the audacity to put what was originally a straight-to-DVD released into theaters and pass it off as a “real” movie—and without the benefit of the kind of second-thought upgrades afforded to “Toy Story 2,” a onetime direct-to-video project.

Then a “Cars” logo was slapped on ads and posters, along with the tagline “From the world above Cars,” perhaps causing some patrons to think “Planes” is a Pixar film instead of a product of Disney’s home.

entertainment division. On top of that, they had the nerve to cram store shelves with beckoning toy replicas of the movie’s cute flying machines, just in time to disrupt back-to-school shopping expeditions.

No one can fault Disney too much for seizing a money-making opportunity, Planes 2013—especially once they realized they weren’t going to make much “Hi-yo, Silver!” off of “The Lone Ranger.

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Planes 2013 Plot:-

Dusty Crophopper is a crop duster plane who works at a cornfield and practices aerobatic maneuvers in his spare time, dreaming of becoming a racer. His dreams are scorned by his boss, Leadbottom, and his forklift/mechanic friend, Dottie.

However, he is supported by his fuel truck friend, Planes 2013 Chug. Dusty and Chug train for qualifiers for the upcoming Wings Across the Globe race. On the night before the qualifiers, Dusty asks an elderly navy war plane named Skipper Riley.

to teach him how to fly well, but Skipper refuses. Planes 2013 Dusty qualifies for the race on a legal technicality (another plane was disqualified for illegal fuel intake usage).

Skipper decides to mentor Dusty and discovers Dusty has a fear of heights. With training complete, Dusty travels to New York City to start the race. There he befriends a Mexican race plane named El Chupacabra, who falls in love with a French-Canadian racer named Rochelle, who shows no interest in him.

Three-time winner Ripslinger rudely dismisses Dusty. Dusty falls in love with an Indian racer plane named Ishani, who becomes supportive of him. During the first leg of the race from New York to Iceland, Dusty’s refusal to fly high causes him to finish in the last place.

During the second leg of the race to Germany, Dusty shows good sportsmanship by saving another racer, Planes 2013 Bulldog, from crashing, winning Bulldog’s respect but finishing last again.

After the third leg of the race to Agra in India, Ishani invites Dusty to fly around the Taj Mahal and advises him to fly low through the Himalayas by following some railroad tracks. After flying through a tunnel (and narrowly missing a train), Dusty is in first place at Upper Mustang in Nepal. Please See More Information…………..

Planes 2013 Production:-

Planes is based on a concept created by John Lasseter. Although Pixar did not produce the film, Lasseter, the then-chief creative officer of both Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios, and director of Cars and Cars 2, was also the executive producer of the film.

The writers made a conscious effort to not remake Cars in a new setting, rejecting ideas that were too close to ideas in Cars. The team also conducted research by interviewing several pilots of plane types that were included in the movie.

Jon Cryer was initially announced as the voice of the main protagonist Dusty, but later dropped out and was replaced by Dane Cook. A modified version of the teaser trailer for the film (featuring Cook’s voice in place of Cryer’s) was released on February 27, 2013.

Cryer did, however, receive credit on the film for “additional story material”, Planes 2013 along with Bobs Gannaway. Planes 2013 Prana Studios provided work on visual effects, animation, and compositing.

Planes were originally set to be released in North America as a direct-to-video film in Fall 2013 while having a theatrical release in Europe. However, in December 2012 Disney announced that the film.

would be released theatrically. This was the first Disneytoon Studios film released theatrically in North America since Pooh’s Heffalump Movie eight and a half years earlier in 2005.

The film premiered on August 2, 2013, at a special screening at The Fly-In Theater at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, Planes 2013 an annual gathering of aviation enthusiasts in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Along with the special screening of the movie, Disney brought a real-life Dusty to be part of the activities. The real-life version of Dusty was an Air Tractor AT-400A piloted and owned by agriculture pilot Rusty Lindeman.

Planes 2013 Home media:-

Planes were released by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on DVD, Blu-ray, and Blu-ray 3D on November 19, 2013. Blu-ray bonus features include “Franz’s Song”, an alternate sequence produced exclusively for the Blu-ray and HD digital releases.

the featurette “Klay’s Flight Plan”, which follows director Klay Hall’s personal journey during the making of the film, two deleted scenes with introductions by the director and producer, character interstitials, and “Top Ten Flyers”, a countdown of history’s greatest aviators hosted by Colin Cowherd.

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