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Planet Earth 2016 info:-

Planet Earth II is a 2016 British nature documentary series produced by the BBC as a sequel to Planet Earth, which was broadcast in 2006. The series is presented and narrated by Sir David Athens borough with the main theme music composed by Hans me. The first trailer was released on 9 October 2016, and the series premiered on 6 November 2016 in the United Kingdom on BBC One and BBC One. Planet Earth II is the first television series produced by the BBC in Ultra-high-definition (4K).

A sequel titled Planet Earth III is currently announced and planned to air in 2022. Planet Earth II is a 2016 British nature documentary series produced by the BBC as a sequel to the highly successful Planet Earth television series, which aired a decade earlier, in 2006. The series is presented and narrated by Sir David borough with the score composed by Hans me. Independent’s Christopher ton said of the series:

“It is undoubtedly the greatest TV nature documentary to date and there’s a strong case for it being one of the best TV series full stop. Michael Hogan from The Telegraph compared this series to the original Planet Earth series and said that “advances in technology have enabled intimate high-definition close-ups and gasp-inducing aerial shots” and said “It has become predictable to heap superlatives upon the BBC Natural History Unit and wax lyrical about borough’s status. But both institutions should be treasured while we’re lucky enough to still have them.

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Planet Earth 2016 Production:-

The series was announced by the BBC in 2013 with the working title One Planet, but the title was later changed to Planet Earth II. The BBC trailer for the series used the same music featured in the trailer for the original Planet Earth, “Hopp ípolla” by Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós. The original Planet Earth, airing in 2006, was one of the first natural documentary series to be made in high definition (HD) and Planet Earth II utilized new technologies developed since the first series, including ultra high definition (4K), improved camera stabilization, remote recording, and aerial drone technology. Please See More Information…..

Planet Earth 2016 Broadcast:-

The premiere of Planet Earth II took place at Bristol’s Cinema Delux on 2 November 2016 with a special guest appearance by Attenborough. Bristol has been the global home of BBC’s Natural History program making for almost 60 years. The series debuted on BBC One and BBC One HD the following Sunday (6 November) from 8 pm to 9 pm. Each of the six episodes included a 10-minute making-of documentary called Planet Earth II Diaries. The previous week’s episode was repeated in an earlier time slot the following Sunday.

Planet Earth 2016 International:-

The series was broadcast internationally on BBC Earth channel with a few exceptions for some countries. The series aired in Belgium on the Flemish channel Canvas, narrated in Dutch by Vic De Wac her, with episodes airing each Wednesday from 7 December 2016. In the Netherlands the series is airing on the Dutch channel NPO 1, narrated by Peter Dro st, with episodes airing each Sunday from 1 January 2017. In Japan, the series aired on – with four special episodes aired on 23 December 2016 and concluded on 19 February 2017 respectively.

The series debuted in Canada and the United States on 18 February 2017, with the Canadian broadcast on the local BBC Earth channel (which recently launched),  In the United States, the series premiered with a three-network simulcast across BBC America, and Sundance TV (owned by Networks, who manages BBC America on behalf of BBC Worldwide). In Israel, the series premiered on 20 May 2017 on the new public broadcasting network KAN 11. In the Philippines, the series premiered on 17 June 2018 on Network through its version Amazing Earth for the first season.

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