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Point Blank 2019 info:-

Point Blank 2019, When his pregnant wife is kidnapped and held as collateral, Paul, an ER nurse, must team with the badly injured career criminal and murder suspect under his charge in order to save the lives of his wife.

and unborn child. Pitted against rival gangs and a deadly ring of corrupt cops, Point Blank 2019 the unlikely duo find a way to survive together in the fight of their lives.

Joe Lynch’s “Point Blank” starts with enough propulsive energy that you strap in, ready for an action movie thrill ride. Two great character actors, a fun premise, a director who knows how to execute tight action sequences sign me up.

And the first half of “Point Blank” moves and hums. And then it stops moving. A movie that needs to fly from the first frame to last slows down, loses its momentum, and never recovers, limping across the finish line with a climax that doesn’t work.

Fred Cavaye’s 2010 French action film of the same name was such an international hit that it’s already been remade around the world, including a South Korean version called “The Target” and a Bangla remake titled “Password.

” It’s the beautiful simplicity of the set-up that has attracted producers and filmmakers around the world. Good guy + bad guy + pregnant woman. And it all takes place on one crazy night.

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Point Blank 2019 Plot:-

Abe Guevara is caught in a shootout at a residential home that results in the death of District Attorney Joshua Gregory. He is chased on foot and attempts to escape with his brother Mateo, but Abe is hit by a car and is subsequently sent to a local hospital. A pair of homicide detectives, Regina Lewis and Eric Masterson, is assigned to the case.

Paul Booker, an everyman ER nurse, is assigned to oversee Abe’s recovery at the hospital. Mateo determined to break Abe out in order to pay off a debt with Big D, an influential gangster.

kidnaps Paul’s pregnant wife Taryn and coerces Paul into working for him. Paul breaks out Abe on his stretcher, and evade Lewis and Masterson just shortly after they arrive.

Abe reveals that he is in possession of a flash drive, that can expose several corrupt police officers; while making the deal to distribute the flash drive to Gregory, they were ambushed, and Abe was wrongfully incriminated for his death.

Abe arranges to meet Mateo at a bus station, but realizing that it is a sting operation, Point Blank 2019 they incite a shootout and flee, engaging in a car chase. After fighting off more cops at a car wash, they escape on foot.

Seeking a new car, they consult a local gangster, Cheetah. Lewis and Masterson arrive and hold them all at gunpoint. Masterson realizes that Lewis is one of the corrupt cops on the drive, leading her to kill both Masterson and Cheetah. Paul kills her accomplice Jones while she is distracted with incoming reinforcements.

Abe rendezvouses with Mateo, but he is ambushed for the drive as well by one of Lewis’ men, who abduct Taryn. Abe and Paul arrive at the rendezvous, only to find Mateo mortally wounded. He succumbs to his injuries and dies. Lewis threatens the two, revealing that she is holding Taryn hostage. Please See More Information…………..

Point Blank 2019 Review:-

If your cinematic wish list includes watching a steel-faced Marcia Gay Harden blast a big guy named Cheetah with a shotgun, then, by all means, check out “Point Blank.” Anybody outside of this niche constituency can skip this flaccid.

Netflix action flick — including fans of Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo, who ill-advisedly used their vacation from playing Falcon and Crossbones in Marvel movies. Directed by Joe Lynch, the film attempts to graft buddy-comedy antics onto a “we’re running out of time!” plot. Mackie’s Paul is a nurse desperately trying to rescue his very pregnant wife.

Taryn (Teyonah Parris), who was abducted for contrived reasons having to do with Grillo’s character, Abe, a tough guy who may not be as bad as he first appears. There is also something to do with police corruption, which, in case you were wondering, is where Harden comes in.

Paul and Abe find themselves in increasingly ludicrous situations, culminating in an encounter with a diminutive kingpin (Markice Moore) whose dominant trait is an acute case of cinephilia: “It’s Friedkin week on TCM,” he announces at one point, bringing up a director who, unlike Lynch, knows what to do with a camera.

The movie starts off promisingly enough, if only because Mackie is a naturally compelling performer. It’s not long before alarm bells go off especially when a fight in a carwash is set to the Oran “Juice” Jones song “The Rain,”

the first in a series of distractingly preposterous soundtrack selections pulled from what sounds like a “Now That’s What I Call the ’80s” compilation. If anything, the film emanates a startling ineptitude, unable as it is to clear some basic standards of craftsmanship.

Point Blank 2019 Cast:-

  • Frank Grillo as Abe Guevara
  • Anthony Mackie as Paul Booker
  • Marcia Gay Harden as Lt. Regina Lewis
  • Teyonah Parris as Taryn
  • Boris McGiver as Eric Masterson
  • Christian Cooke as Mateo Guevara
  • Markice Moore as Big D
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