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Saala Khadoos 2016 info:-

Saala Khadoos 2016, Adi Tomar had a dream to win the boxing gold for India. Instead, he languished in a nightmare for a decade after his gloves were spiked during a match by his own coach, blinding him in the arena and handing the match to his undeserving opponent.

Shattered by his loss, Adi turned to a life of cynical self-destruction. Loyal friends somehow bring him back to boxing as the coach of the low-rated Indian women’s boxing team. Saala Khadoos 2016 Adi continues to dream – this time for a fiery young woman.

Adi spots in her a champion. So begins a partnership between a man who loves his sport and a girl who loves her freedom. It is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and a journey towards an impossible dream.

Adi Tomar (Madhavan) is bitter because his dream to win the boxing gold for India was thwarted by his devious coach Dev Khatri (Zakir) who spiked his gloves during an all-important match. So when he spots talent in a Chennai fisher-woman Madhi(Ritika Singh) he wants to see his dream fulfilled through his ward.

Like Mary Kom, Saala Khadoos is a heartfelt attempt at putting the spotlight on India’s women boxers. Saala Khadoos 2016 As it follows the life of siblings, Laxmi (Mumtaz Sorcar) and Madhi, (both trained boxers) brought up in poverty, but with their sights set on boxing.

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Saala Khadoos 2016 Plot:-

Prabhu Selvaraj (Adi Tomar in Hindi version) (Madhavan) is a failed boxer who, despite being very talented, falls victim to the dirty politics in the boxing association. 10 years later, he is a coach for the women’s boxing teams but is extremely angry and frustrated with the partiality in selection.

Due to his rift with the association head Dev Khatri (Zakir Hussain), Saala Khadoos 2016 he is falsely charged with sexual harassment and gets transferred to Chennai. Despite the very poor infrastructure, Prabhu/Adi manages to find talent in a roadside fish.

a seller named Ezhil Madhi (Ritika Singh), Saala Khadoos 2016 who he notices while she is thrashing the judges during her sister’s tournament. Ignoring Madhi’s elder sister Lakshmi (Mumtaz Sorcar) who has been boxing for eight years, Prabhu offers to train Madhi for a few hours daily.

Unfortunately, the two do not get along due to Prabhu’s/Adi’s ruthless training methods and Madhi’s aggressive nature. Saala Khadoos 2016 As a result, Madhi intentionally loses a local match.

Prabhu later asks Lakshmi and Madhi’s parents, Saala Khadoos 2016 Saamikannu (Kaali Venkat) and Damayanthi (Baljinder Kaur), to send them to stay in a hostel with him so that their daughters can work hard on training.

Madhi misunderstands him but later regrets when she finds out that Prabhu has sold his bike to buy new training equipment for her. Madhi then starts training with Prabhu and develops feelings for him. On the day of a qualifying match, she reveals her feelings to Prabhu, but he promptly rejects her.

During the warm-up before the match, a now jealous Lakshmi injures Madhi’s hand, Saala Khadoos 2016 causing Madhi to lose. Angry, Prabhu thinks that Madhi lost intentionally again and throws her out of training camp. Please See More Information…….

Saala Khadoos 2016 Cast:-

  • Madhavan as Prabhu Selvaraj (Adi Tomar in Hindi version)
  • Ritika Singh as Ezhil Madhi
  • Mumtaz Sorcar as Luxmi
  • Nassar as “Punch” Pandian
  • Radha Ravi as Muralikrishnan (Tamil version)
  • M. K. Raina (Hindi version)
  • Zakir Hussain as Dev Khatri
  • Kaali Venkat as Saamikannu
  • Baljinder Kaur as Damayanthi
  • Venkatesan Devarajan as Referee
  • Sanchana Natarajan as Boxing Student
  • Bipin as Innocent

Saala Khadoos 2016 Development:-

During the production of her first directorial venture Drohi in 2010, Sudha Kongara began writing a sports drama film on boxing after reading an editorial in The Hindu about North Chennai and its boxing culture.

Sudha consequently began gathering further information about female boxers and networked with Indian Olympic athletes including Mary Kom, in order to help write her script. In September 2011, she approached Madhavan, who was on a sabbatical from Tamil films.

to portray the lead role in the film and his presence in the project helped take the financial viability of the venture to a higher level. The pair had previously collaborated in Madhavan’s films under the direction of Mani Ratnam, where Sudha had been an assistant director.

Portraying a retired boxer, Madhavan grew a thick beard and sported long hair for his role in the film, Saala Khadoos 2016 while embarking on an intense body conditioning regime in Los Angeles during 2013.

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