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Saand Ki Aankh 2019 info:-

Saand Ki Aankh 2019, Before 1998, Johri village in the interiors of Uttar Pradesh was just like any other village in India. Saand Ki Aankh 2019 But during this time something extraordinary started,

which took this village to national and international levels of success and fame. As a result of which this village had become an inspiring example for the entire nation.

At the age of 60, they picked up a gun for the sake of their daughters in the hopes of Saand Ki Aankh 2019 of encouraging them towards a bright future. They did not want their daughters to share the same fate as a lifetime of suppression.

What unfolded was nothing short of miraculous. They discovered their own skill of being exceptional shooters. Despite all the odds, they won 352 medals each in the course of their veteran professional life as a shooter.

The biographical film traces a certain part of the lives of India’s oldest sharpshooters, Saand Ki Aankh 2019 Prakash Tomar and Chandro Tomar, and leaves us with an inspiring message.

One only has to hear the words ‘women’, ‘sixties’, and ‘sharpshooters’ used in the same sentence to appreciate the premise of “Saand Ki Aankh”, which is based on the amazing true story of Chandro and Prakash Tomar, a pair of sisters-in-law from Johri village in Uttar Pradesh.

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Saand Ki Aankh 2019 Plot:-

One only has to hear the words ‘women’, ‘sixties’, and ‘sharpshooters’ used in the same sentence to appreciate the premise of “Saand Ki Aankh”, which is based on the amazing true story of Chandro and Prakash Tomar,

a pair of sisters-in-law from Johri village in Uttar Pradesh, who, in their sixties, became two of the oldest sharpshooter champions in the world, winning several medals each in competitive tournaments over the years.

Stressing on their age and gender is crucial. Because they hail from the kind of feudal set up where women didn’t step out of their home without the permission of their men. The kind of set up where the men smoked hookahs all day while the women worked hard in the fields and in brick kilns, only to return home to prepare their husbands’ meals.

This, and other grim details like the fact that women were practically baby-making machines, rearing as many as a dozen or more children each, or the fact that they lived huddled like cattle,

identified only from the color of the ghunghats they draped over their heads, is conveyed for the most part with well-intentioned humor by director Tushar Hiranandani.

Bhumi Pednekar and Taapsee Pannu play Chandro and Prakash, who live with their husbands and assorted children and grandchildren in a home lorded over by the family patriarch, they’re overbearing, controlling brother-in-law Ratan Singh (Prakash Jha). His is the final word on everything.

But Chandro and Prakash sneak out to learn shooting at a makeshift range set up by a well-meaning doctor (Vineet Kumar Singh), then lie to attend various championships when it’s clear they’ve got impeccable shooting skills. Please See More Information…………..

Saand Ki Aankh 2019 Production:-

Initially, the film was titled Womaniya with Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar in lead roles. But due to controversy over legal rights of the title which is held by Pritish Nandy Communications, the film was renamed as Saand ki Aankh.

Later on, Prakash Jha was also included in the cast to play a vital role. In the last week of February 2019, Vineet Kumar Singh was added to the cast. Giving details of the film, the co-producer Anurag Kashyap stated that the film is a biopic based on the life of the oldest sharpshooters, Chandro Tomar and her sister-in-law Prakash Tomar.

Filming began on 10 February 2019 in Baghpat. The second part of the film is to be shot in Hastinapur and Mawana. Pannu trained in air pistol and rifle shooting to reprise the role of a sharpshooter in the film. The filming was completed in the last week of April as Pannu shared the news on social media.

On 14 February 2019, the lead actors shared the first look of the film from the location. Giving wishes on the Holi festival, Pannu shared another look from the film on Twitter on 21 March 2019.

A short video introducing Chandro and Prakash Tomar, on whose life the film is based was released by Reliance Entertainment on 14 April 2019 on YouTube. First look posters of the film were released on 16 April 2019. In the posters, Pannu and Bhumi are posing with their pistols. The poster gives the release date as Diwali.

The official teaser of the film was released on 11 July 2019 by Reliance Entertainment. The official trailer of the film was unveiled by Reliance Entertainment on 23 September 2019.

Saand Ki Aankh 2019 Cast:-

  • Bhumi Pednekar as Chandro Tomar
  • Taapsee Pannu as Prakash Tomar
  • Sara Arjun as Shefali Tomar
  • Prakash Jha as Rattan Singh Tomar
  • Vineet Kumar Singh as Dr. Yashpal
  • Shaad Randhawa as Rambir Tomar
  • Kuldeep Sareen as Bhagwan Singh Tomar
  • Pawan Chopra as Jai Singh Tomar
  • Himanshu Sharma as Sachin Tomar
  • Navneet Srivastava as Farooq
  • Nikhat Khan as Maharani Mahendra Kumari
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