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Section 375 2019, In 2016 came to a movie that stated the obvious – Section 375 2019 when a woman said no to a sexual encounter, she actually meant it.

Merely three years after Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury’s Pink, and in the wake of the Me Too movement, arrives a film which suggests that “no” could mean “yes”, “maybe” or, worse still,

“gotcha”. Section 375, about a filmmaker accused of rape, tries to be fair-minded, but the sense of solidarity with the stricken-looking male specimen in the dock is unmistakable.

This majority report, filed on behalf of those who feel that I Too have gone too far and rape laws are being misused by vengeful women, seeks its legitimacy in the hollowed interiors of the courtroom.

A sessions court convicts successful director Rohan (Rahul Bhat) of raping costume designer Anjali (Meera Chopra). Rohan’s wife Kainaz (Sree Swara) hires top-shot lawyer Tarun (Akshaye Khanna) to defend Rohan.

Under the watchful eyes of judges played by Kishore Kadam and Krutika Desai, Section 375 2019 Tarun attempts to expose the weaknesses in Anjali’s claims. His job is made easier by the barely competent public prosecutor Hiral (Richa Chadha), who relies on emotion rather than solid homework to defend her client.

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Section 375 2019 Plot:-

Notable film director Rohan Khurana (Rahul Bhat) is arrested and convicted Section 375 2019 by a sessions court after assistant costume designer Anjali Dangle (Meera Chopra) accuses him of rape.

In the High Court, senior and talented criminal barrister Tarun Saluja (Akshaye Khanna) works hard to punch holes in the accuser’s claims, while Hiral Gandhi (Richa Chadda), a utopian and fervent lawyer fighting her first big case, who was once Saluja’s trainee, serve as the prosecutor and defense barrister of the claimed victim.

Insisting that it is a case of an affair gone sour, Tarun Saluja points out that the law does not regard consensual physical relations as rape. Section 375 2019 Hiral Gandhi refuses to call it anything but rape, demanding justice to be served.

Tarun Saluja states that Law is a fact, Justice is abstract. The case disputes the legal provisions of the penal code 375 that defines conditions under which a sexual offense can be defined as rape. Meanwhile, society wants Rohan Khurana to be hanged, despite not knowing the entire incident.

Finally, Rohan Khurana is sentenced to 10 years in prison, but it is later realized that sex was consensual and Anjali Dangle has been deceitful, thus no justice was served and Hiral Gandhi realizes that she did not fight for justice.

In the end, Tarun Saluja says to Hiral Gandhi that they are in the business of law and not justice. The moral of the story is that law serves either as a profession or vengeance, not as a tool to get justice nowadays. The story showed a realistic take on the way courts and lawyers function in India. Please See More Information………..

Section 375 2019 Reception:-

On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds a rating of 83% based on six reviews, with an average  Section 375 2019 rating of 7/10.Sreeparna Sengupta of The Times of India gave the film four stars out of five, praising screenplay, dialogues and performance of Akshaye Khanna, Richa Chadha, Rahul Bhat, and Kishore Kadam,

noted that the film made for a ‘gripping watch with a crisp runtime and top-notch performances’. Concluding she wrote, “Overall, Section 375 is an audacious effort.

It is a relevant film that tackles a complex issue and one that will engage, inform and open up debates. Trade analyst and critic Taran Adarsh gave the film four stars out of five, tagged it as “Powerful” and praised the performance of Akshaye Khanna, Richa Chadha, writing and direction.

He opined, “A relevant film that raises pertinent points… Recommended! Udita Jhunjhunwala of Firstpost gave three and a half stars out of five and opined that it was the cinematography and editing that kept the film moving at a desirable pace and in the mood.

Praising Manish Gupta’s writing, she concluded that the film neither took a shrill, moralistic stand nor caved to ‘Bollywood-used courtroom hysteria’, rather it stuck to a highly charged narrative that deftly examined both sides of the case and deferred to the rule of law.

Devesh Sharma reviewing for Filmfare rates the film with three stars out of five. He wrote that the film was a ‘well-crafted’, ‘well-acted’ film with pithy and witty dialogues. He praised the performance of Khanna and Chadha.

but criticizing the climax, concluded, “This criminal twist at the very end undoes all the good done by the film and leaves you with a bitter taste in the mouth. The director is trying to be too clever here but this cleverness eats away into the nobility of the film.

Section 375 2019 Marketing:

The first poster of the film was released by its makers on 7 August 2019. The official teaser was released on 8 August 2019 by T-Series. In the teaser, Khanna and Chadda were seen fighting a rape case. On 13 August, the official trailer of the film was launched by T-Series. On 5 September, a dialogue promo presenting Khanna was released.

The film was premiered at Singapore South Asian International Film Festival (SgSAIFF) on 7 September 2019. It was the closing film of the festival and received appreciation. The film was theatrically released in India on 13 September 2019.

Section 375 collected ₹14.5 million (US$210,000) on an opening day, and ₹30.7 million (US$440,000) on the second day, whereas the third-day collection was ₹35.2 million (US$510,000), taking its total opening weekend collection to ₹80.4 million (US$1.2 million).

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