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The Chronicles of Riddick info:-

The Chronicles of Riddick, Vin Diesel is not Batman. He is not the darkness, he is not the night, he is not the thing that every man fears deep in his soul. But Diesel’s sci-fi likeness, violent anti-hero Riddick, is a monstrous stalker of the shadows, much like the Dark Knight.

While Batman falls on the side of good, Riddick uses his fearsome stealth abilities (not to mention his gift with blades), The Chronicles of Riddick towards bloodier and more selfish ends.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay and its sequel, Assault on Dark Athena, are first-person stealth-shooters set in a dark sci-fi universe featured in the Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick films. Set before the events of the films, The Chronicles of Riddick.

Escape from Butcher Bay (first released on the Xbox in 2004) finds cunning killer Riddick caught by the bounty hunter Johns and transferred to the prison, Butcher Bay. Its sequel, released last year on the PC, sees Riddick escape from prison only to be captured by mercenaries and their slave ship, the Dark Athena.

Inspired by the likes of Escape from Alcatraz, Butcher Bay was a hit in 2004. A few years and some lengthy studio/publisher drama later, Assault on Dark Athena was released. Dark Athena is both a sequel and a remake. Virtual Programming has released both these games in one $50 package for the Mac.

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The Chronicles of Riddick Plot:-

The game picks up where Escape from Butcher Bay left off. Richard B. Riddick is a dangerous space criminal who can see in the dark. Johns, the man who originally took Riddick to the Butcher Bay prison for a bounty, helped him escape to avoid becoming a prisoner himself.

On their ship together in a night of cryogenic sleep, they are dragged unwillingly into the Dark Athena, a gigantic mercenary vessel run by Gale Revas (voiced by Michelle Forbes) and her second in command, Spinner. Riddick avoids capture as Revas and her men take Johns away.

Using the same stealth tactics as he did in Butcher Bay, Riddick sneaks and hides throughout the ship seeking to escape, killing the guards and mercenaries he encounters along the way. Many of the guards are automated drones that are human bodies with implanted machine parts, controlled remotely from within the ship.

He meets with a little girl named Lynn who is hiding from the guards in the air vent systems. Riddick makes his way to the prison cells and finds several people captured, including the former Captain of the Dark Athena before Revas took control.

There he meets Lynn’s mother, Ellen Silverman. She offers to make Riddick the tools he needs to escape through the air vents if he can get the right parts. She also asks to find Lynn because she is concerned for her safety.

Another prisoner named Dacher (voiced by Lance Henriksen) offers his technical skills to help Riddick escape on a ship and unlock doors for him if Riddick can find him a comlink. He agrees and finds the comlink for Dacher and the parts for Silverman.

Having again met with Lynn, Silverman keeps her word and makes him the tool he needs. Riddick moves on and is in contact with Dacher via video communication at computer terminals on the ship. Please See More Information……….

The Chronicles of Riddick Reception:-

The game received positive reviews, citing voice acting and the use of shadows as its strongest point. GameSpot praised the game for its voice acting and stated that “You may not hear better voice acting all year: It’s that good.”

However, the game lost favor in AI and multiplayer. criticized the game for having very poor AI, citing that the player can be spotted even if he is not directly seen by the guards. Simply firing or exposing yourself will attract the enemy.

regardless of whether they can see you or not. 1UP also pointed out that enemy AI will move away from the player’s fire even if the attack is from behind. The Chronicles of Riddick

Despite the criticism of the multiplayer, Gaming-Age praised the game’s “Pitch Black” mode, citing that “Pitch Black, though, is easily the best aspect about the multiplayer.”  Game Informer said the game was better than Escape from Butcher Bay, the first game.

They also praised the voice acting, stating that “Diesel’s gravelly voice will rattle your living room when gunfire and explosions calm down.” Hypers Daniel Wilks commends the game as “an effortless combination of stealth and action” but criticizes it for the “HD facelift” and “the lip-synching is terrible”.

The Chronicles of Riddick Development:-

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena was originally announced on May 22, 2007, as a remake of Escape from Butcher Bay with Assault on Dark Athena serving as a “bonus chapter”. On July 10, 2008, The merger between Vivendi Games, the game’s publisher.

and Activision had been completed and on July 29, 2008, the newly formed Activision Blizzard had announced that The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena along with eight other Vivendi Games titles that were in development had been dropped, putting the future of the game into question.

However, on September 24, 2008, Starbreeze Studios confirmed that The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena was nearing completion and were in the process of looking for a publisher to publish the game. In October 2008 Infogrames.

the parent company of Atari announced they had picked up the publishing rights to Riddick and Ghostbusters: The Video Game. While the fate of Riddick was up in the air, Starbreeze reportedly kept working and generated enough content by December 2008 to make Dark Athena, for all intents and purposes, a sequel to their earlier work.

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