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The Little Prince 2015 info:-

The Little Prince 2015, Kung-fu Panda director Mark Osborne teams with producers Aton Soumache and Dimitri Rassam for this animated take on Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s beloved novella about a pilot (voice of Jeff Bridges).

who crash lands in the Sahara desert and encounters a mysterious young boy who claims to be an extraterrestrial prince. James Franco, Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard, Benicio Del Toro, and Paul Giamatti also lend their voices to this Onyx Films production.

Any animated feature screening in Cannes in the wake of Pixar’s universally adored “Inside Out” was bound to seem like an anticlimax. And when the movie in question happens to be an adaptation of one of the most beloved children’s novels of all time, the potential for disappointment looms especially large.

But to the sure relief of armchair aviators everywhere, director Mark Osborne’s “The Little Prince” turns out to be a respectful, lovingly reimagined take on Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s classic 1943 tale, which adds all manner of narrative bells and whistles to the author’s slender, lyrical story of friendship between a pilot and a mysterious extraterrestrial voyager.

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The Little Prince 2015 Plot:-

An ambitious young mother moves to a new neighborhood and imposes a life plan for her daughter that leaves no time for leisure, all for her to enroll in the prestigious Werth Academy. The girl, however, becomes distracted by her elderly retired aviator neighbor.

who tells her the story of the “Little Prince”, claiming that he encountered him in the Sahara after crash-landing there. The Little Prince 2015 The aviator recounts the Little Prince asking him to draw a sheep.

He drew two sheep (including a ram) before the Little Prince complained he needed a sheep that would live forever. The aviator drew a box with three holes saying that the sheep were inside it, which satisfied the Little Prince.

The girl and the aviator continue to read and play together without the mother’s knowledge. The aviator tells the girl about the Little Prince’s home, “Asteroid B612”, covered in baobab sprouts. He states that after clearing away the sprouts, the Little Prince found and nurtured a Rose into maturity.

Despite becoming his friend, she was rather selfish, which caused the Little Prince to travel elsewhere with a flock of birds. After meeting some adults on other asteroids, he eventually landed on Earth, meeting and taming a red fox.

After a while, the fox bid goodbye to the Little Prince, advising him to always see with his heart. The Little Prince 2015 The aviator gives the girl a stuffed fox as a gift, telling her that he will leave soon to go find the Little Prince.

The two decide to go out for free “birthday” pancakes, but when they are pulled over by a police officer, the aviator is revealed to have no license and the officer returns the girl home. Realizing that she has not been following the plan, her mother redoubles her daughter’s assignments. Please See More Information…………..

The Little Prince 2015 Development:-

On 14 October 2010, Kung Fu Panda co-director and More creator Mark Osborne was hired and set to direct The Little Prince based on the 1943 novel of the same name. Irena Brignull (writer of The Boxtrolls) and Bob Persichetti.

wrote the script for the film based on a story conceived by Mark Osborne. The Little Prince 2015 Aton Soumache, Alexis Vonarb, and Dimitri Rassam produced the film with the budget of $70‒80 million for release in 2015.

The film features a framing device not present in the novel with a schoolgirl discovering The Little Prince through a reclusive elderly neighbor. Mark Osborne made the film’s hero a little girl after research from the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media.

revealed the gender disparity among characters in animated films. She represents “the spirit of adulthood,” according to Osborne. “In animation, it always had to be boy-centric. Right now there seems to be a changing of the tide but these things don’t happen overnight.

These movies take years to make, so back when I was first pushing to make the little girl the main character, The Little Prince 2015 it was seen as quite revolutionary”, Osborne recalled in April 2015.

The film uses computer animation for the girl’s world and stop-motion animation for the world of The Little Prince as she imagines it. The development and storyboarding of the film was completed in Paris.

The team then moved to Montreal for the final phases of animation, lighting, color, and production in order to maximize the tax benefits offered to a French-Canadian project, a co-venture between Onyx Entertainment in Paris, Mediaset and Lucky Red in Italy, and Mikros Image Canada in Montreal. One of the film’s associate producers is Brice Garnier from Canada’s Kaibou Production.

The Little Prince 2015 Casting:-

Thanks to Osborne’s emotionally engaging pitch and the global popularity of Saint-Exupéry’s book, a group of A-list actors were able to be recruited to lend their voices to the film’s characters. As Osborne explained, “It began with Jeff Bridges.

He was our first and only choice to play the Aviator, so after a great deal of time trying to get to him, I finally got the chance to go to his home in Santa Barbara to talk to him directly. He was blown away by the pitch, and it really put us on the road to assembling the perfect cast.

As Bridges recalls, he was instantly drawn to the role of the Aviator. “Mark gave me this incredible pitch, brought this suitcase with him which showed me what the movie was going to be about. We shared the same concern, which was if you simply just move around these iconic characters like the book, it might not do justice to the work. 

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