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The Punisher’s first season was mostly well received by critics who praised actor Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of the character. It’s also one of the few Netflix and Marvel original series left on the platform following cancellations of multiple shows, including Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil. Jessica Jones and The Punisher are the last two shows that exist under Marvel and Netflix’s joint partnership. It’s unclear if Luke Cage, Daredevil, or Iron Fist will continue on Disney’s upcoming stand-alone streaming service, but Marvel Entertainment has confirmed Daredevil’s journey will continue in some capacity. Jon Bernthal stars as Frank Castle, with principal cast members Ben Barnes, Amber Rose Revah, and Jason R. Moore returning from the first season. They are joined by Josh Stewart, Floriana Lima, and Giorgia Whigham. Former series regular Deborah Ann Woll returns in a guest capacity. A second season of The Punisher was ordered in December 2017, a month after the first season was released. The new cast members were added in February 2018. Filming began in New York City the next month and wrapped in August.

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The Punisher 2019 Episodes:-

Castle meets a young girl at a bar who insults him. The girl later calls a Russian gangster, requesting a meeting to sell some photos. Unknown to her, the gangster is tied to a chair and being interrogated by a man looking for the photos. After hanging up, he kills the gangster. Castle deals with a belligerent drunk who was hitting on and insulting the bartender, Beth. Afterward, she asks him to grab a drink at her place. The following night, Castle returns to the bar to meet up with Beth, but notices a group of people searching the place while the young girl tries to avoid them. A fight ensues when Castle intervenes, but Beth gets shot. He carries her into a nearby truck and heads for the nearest hospital, taking the girl with him. Castle shoots and kills more members of the group who were following them, reaches the hospital, and Beth survives. Later, Castle and the girl move on. Meanwhile, Dinah Madani visits Billy Russo’s hospital room. Shortly after she leaves, he opens his eyes. Castle and the girl check into a motel in Larkville, Ohio and he has her treat his wounds. The girl says her name is Rachel and Castle interrogates her about why people are trying to kill her. The gang that attacked them tracks them to their motel. A gunfight ensues in which Castle, Rachel, and one remaining henchwoman survive but all get arrested by local police. Madani visits Russo, who does not remember anything more recent than his time in the Marines. Madani has been visiting Russo almost every day and refuses to believe he has amnesia. Her mentor, Rafi, tries to convince her to stop. That night, she goes home and has a nightmare about Russo right before Castle wakes her up with a call asking for help from the police station. She says no, leaving him to defend the precinct from religious zealots led by a mysterious man on his own. Please See More Information…..

The Punisher 2019 Writing:-

Lightfoot felt the theme for the season was Frank Castle “adopting the mantle” of the Punisher. The season begins with Castle traveling across the United States as a way for him to get “a look at the country he fought for but has never really seen” according to Lightfoot. Costume designer Lorraine Calvert gave Castle a “more relaxed” look while he is traveling, having him wear blue jeans. Castle eventually puts back on another vest with the character’s well-known skull symbol, with Lightfoot and Jon Bernthal working to make that “an integral, plot-driven moment” in the season. Bernthal felt they had “figured out a very intelligent, very tactical reason, a very psychologically tactical reason to wear it” with it making “a lot of sense”. Lightfoot also spoke to the inclusion of Karen Page in the season, feeling the relationship between her and Castle would continue “to be very important”. The makeup department worked to realistically place the scars on Billy Russo’s face, who is still recovering from his injuries and is suffering from brain damage. Though Russo resembles the character Jigsaw from the comics, he does not take on that name in the season. Ben Barnes also shaved his head for the role this season and adopts a thicker, rougher, New York accent, “more akin to his Bensonhurst roots”. Barnes felt Russo had a vulnerability in the season similar to Vincent D’Onofrio’s portrayal of Wilson Fisk in the first season of Daredevil. Dinah Madani has become “fixated” on Russo, visiting at the hospital daily with complete “tunnel-vision on him”. Amber Rose Revah added that Madani is “self-medicating” after the events of the first season, resorting to drinking and promiscuous behavior. As Krista Dumont is “[v]ery uptight [and] doesn’t want to let anyone into her personal world”, Calvert worked to make her wardrobe equally concealing.

The Punisher 2019 Casting:-

Stars returning for the season were confirmed in February 2018, including Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle / Punisher, Ben Barnes as Billy Russo, Amber Rose Revah as Dinah Madani, and Jason R. Moore as Curtis Hoyle. Announced as joining them for the season were Josh Stewart as John Pilgrim, Floriana Lima as Krista Dumont, and Giorgia Whigham as Amy Bendix, with Corbin Bernsen as Anderson Schultz and Annette O’Toole as Eliza Schultz announced in May. Deborah Ann Woll was confirmed to be reprising her role as Karen Page in December 2018.

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