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The Sky Is Pink 2019 info:-

The Sky Is Pink 2019 is the incredible love story of a couple of Aditi and Niren Chaudhary spanning 25 years, The Sky Is Pink 2019 told through the lens of their spunky teenage daughter Aisha Chaudhary, who was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

n the colorful melodrama “The Sky Is Pink,” a teenager tells the story of her family’s care and sacrifices from an unusual vantage point. Taking a refreshing attitude toward her own mortality, the recently deceased Aisha Chaudhary says, “I’m dead, get over it.”

Aisha (Zaira Wasim) provides her lively narration from beyond the grave in flashback form, The Sky Is Pink 2019 following her parents, Aditi (Priyanka Chopra Jonas) and Niren (Farhan Akhtar), as they face her long-term illness with humor and tenacity.

Though they have a healthy son, they lost their first child to the same genetic illness Aisha inherits, and they are determined her chances will be better. Guided by Aditi, the couple pursues treatments as far away from New Delhi as London. They cannot stop the illness, but they succeed in filling Aisha’s short life with warmth and joy.

The writer and director Shonali Bose bounce from tone to tone, livening the somber subject matter with bright hues, The Sky Is Pink 2019 quippy dialogue and an ever-jubilant score.

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The Sky Is Pink 2019 Critical response:-

The film received generally positive reviews. On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, The Sky Is Pink 2019 the film holds a rating of 71% based on 17 reviews, with an average rating of 6/10.

Devesh Sharma of Filmfare rated the film four stars out of five, lauding the film’s ability to make viewers laugh despite its tragic undertone. He concluded, writing “this bitter-sweet film will make you laugh, will make you cry and will surely make you ruminate on the glorious uncertainty of life.

Writing for Mid Day, film critic Mayank Shekhar rated the film with three and a half stars out of five, praising Bose for telling an “astonishingly dark personal story with reasonable hope” that never felt exploitative or manipulative.

He complimented the “smart” screenplay which he felt was structured to dive viewers “deeper and deeper” The Sky Is Pink 2019 into the characters and circumstances on screen.

Priyanka Sinha Jha of CNN-News18, praising Chopra Jonas, Akhtar and Wasim for their performances, and wrote, “The real hero in this instance, however, would have to be the zany uplifting story and to that effect,

with The Sky is Pink, Bose delivers a fitting salutation to life. Writing for NDTV Saibal Chatterjee, rated the film with three and a half stars out of five, and praised Bose for her direction and writing.

Sreeparna Sengupta of The Times of India gave the film three and a half stars out of five, praising the performances of Chopra Jonas, Akhtar and Wasim, she noted that the film scored high on the emotional quotient.

She opined that though the film was lengthy and screenplay needed more focus, ‘the emotional arc’ and the ‘stellar performances’ kept the interest going. Please See More Information…………..

The Sky Is Pink 2019 Plot:-

For those who like head-on, immersive emotional experiences at the movies, The Sky Is Pink may be a direct hit. It makes a lot more demands on the heartstrings than the first film from writer-director Shonali Bose, her moving but more moderate 2014 Netpac-winner, Margarita With a Straw, about a sexually alive girl with disabilities.

Here Bose and Nilesh Maniyar’s screenplay is closely based on the true story of Aisha Chaudhary, a teenager with pulmonary fibrosis whose loving parents dedicated their lives to helping her survive; in fact, the end credits roll over painfully cheery photos of the Chaudhary family.

Though Bose sidesteps melodrama, she settles for sentimentality in a long-winded tale that focuses not on the sick girl but on her parents, played in warm rom-com fashion by Bollywood stars Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Mary Kom) and Farhan Akhtar.

This Hindi-language celebration of family solidarity and self-sacrifice in times of trouble earmark it for Indian audiences in and outside India, where Chopra Jonas and Akhtar are major theatrical draws. It bowed at a Gala screening in Toronto before an early October release in India.

The long story is coyly narrated by Aisha, who is clear from the start that she’s speaking from beyond the grave, but “it’s no big deal.” There’s no self-pity in her voice as she affectionately tells her life story and interprets her family’s feelings and motives.

Rather irritatingly, she insists on calling her mother, Aditi (high-spirited, headstrong Chopra Jonas), “Moose” and her father, Niren (a hyper-responsible Farhan Akhtar), “Panda.” The two have made a mixed-caste love marriage that, though frowned upon by society, binds them closely together.

The Sky Is Pink 2019 Marketing  &  Box office:-

A first look was released on 23 July 2019. The poster was released on 8 September 2019, followed by a trailer on 10 September The Sky Is Pink 2019 by RSVP Movies.

The Sky Is Pink premiered at the 44th Toronto International Film Festival on 13 September 2019, and was theatrically released worldwide on 11 October.

The Sky Is Pink collected ₹2.50 crore on an opening day, ₹4.00 crore on the second day, and ₹4.20 on the third day, taking its opening week collection to ₹10.70 crores in India. The film earned ₹15.15 crore in its first week.

As of 24 October 2019, with a gross of ₹23.85 crores in India and ₹10.56 crore overseas, the film has a worldwide gross collection of ₹34.41 crores.

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