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The Smurfs 2 2013 info:-

The Smurfs 2 2013, This weekend, many parents are going to see “The Smurfs 2” under duress. They don’t want to disappoint their children, who are dying to see the film, and won’t stop talking about it until they do. As lousy as it is, I won’t discourage any parent from going.

to see “The Smurfs 2.” After all, the film’s big take-away message is at least partially noble: “love is [not] conditional.” Any parent that goes to see “The Smurfs 2” is essentially teaching their children that lesson by example. Adults suffer so that their know-nothing spawn.

can enjoy all-too-brief happiness: Parenthood 101, right? Still, you should know that “The Smurfs 2” is a charmless endurance test. It wears you down with tossed-off Smurf-related puns like, “I almost smurfed myself,” and “Sometimes, you gotta smurf with the changes.

” Naturally charming performers like Neil Patrick Harris, Brendan Gleeson, and Hank Azaria are consistently wasted on a script that’s like Mad Libs as filled in by a monomaniacal, but schematically programmed spambot (“Well.

that was ducked up,” one character groans after being transformed into, well, a duck). “The Smurfs 2” is generally moronic and unmoving when it most needs to be cute and disarming.

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The Smurfs 2 2013 Plot:-

Two years after stopping Gargamel, In preparation for her birthday celebration, the Smurfs read the story of Smurfette, how she was created by Gargamel to destroy them, only for Papa Smurf to rescue her and turn her fully into a Smurf. Meanwhile.

she is having nightmares about reverting to her original form and betraying her fellow Smurfs by turning them over to Gargamel. The Smurfs are preparing a surprise party, but as Smurfette tries to find out what her fellow Smurfs are planning, none of them are saying a word.

She takes this to mean that everyone has forgotten her birthday. In France, Gargamel is now a celebrity, amazing people with his sorcery, but he sees that he is running low on the Smurf essence that gives him his magic powers. With his new creations.

evil Smurf-like creatures called the Naughties, named Vexy and Hackus, Gargamel plans on opening a portal to the Smurf village by using the Eiffel Tower as a conduit so that he can kidnap Smurfette and, through her, get Papa Smurf’s secret formula for creating Smurfs.

However, as the portal he created is not big enough for him to go through, Gargamel sends Vexy through to the portal to grab Smurfette and bring her to Paris. The Smurfs witness the abduction of Smurfette and inform Papa Smurf.

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who uses his magic to create crystals that allow several of his Smurfs to travel directly to Patrick Winslow’s residence in New York City in order to get his help to rescue Smurfette. Papa originally intends for Brainy, Hefty, and Gutsy to use the crystals, but through an accident, Clumsy, Grouchy and Vanity use them instead. Please See More Information……….

The Smurfs 2 2013 Reception:-

The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reported a 14% approval rating with an average rating of 4/10 based on 94 reviews. The website’s consensus reads, “Like its predecessor, Smurfs 2 may amuse small children, but it’s largely an unambitious.

charm-free collection of slapstick gags and one-liners. The rating put the film as the 16th on the list of worst reviewed films of 2013. Metacritic calculated a score of 34 out of 100 based on 30 reviews, indicating “generally unfavorable reviews”.

The film earned an “A-” from audiences polled by CinemaScore. The Smurfs 2 was nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel. Justin Lowe of The Hollywood Reporter gave the film a negative review.

saying “Beyond a few chuckle-worthy one-liners and some amusing visual comedy, there’s not much to engage adults, although the wee ones should be distracted enough. Matt Patches of Time Out New York gave the film two out of five stars.

saying “Patient Adult Smurfs will be checking their watches as Excitable Child Smurfs lose themselves in the high jinks. Frank Lovece of Newsday gave the film two out of four stars, saying “Not Smurftastic, but not Smurfawful, either.

Loren King of The Boston Globe gave the film two out of four stars, saying “That the mushroom- dwelling blue creatures still manage to be endearing even in their second big-screen extravaganza (in 3-D, no less) is about the best that can be said of “Smurfs 2.

Kyle Smith of the New York Post gave the film one out of four stars, saying “They’re as lethally uninteresting as Barney the Purple Dinosaur, though a Godzilla-style “Barney vs. Smurfs” is a movie I would pay to see, provided maximum destruction were promised.

The Smurfs 2 2013 Box office:-

The Smurfs 2 grossed $71,017,784 in North America, and $276,527,576 in other countries, for a worldwide total of $347,545,360. Box Office Mojo values the film’s budget at $105 million, while Deadline Hollywood reported that the film’s negative cost was $146 million.

with $21 million gained from the production benefits. In addition, Sony spent $46.3 million on the film’s marketing in the United States, and $45.3 million in other countries (excluding Japan). Earning $200 million less than its predecessor.

 the film did not meet Sony’s expectation, which was generally attributed to the original’s negative reception and competition from another family sequel, Despicable Me 2.

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