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Zoom 2015, a rather terrible comedy-satire, bears the DNA of at least two strains of terrible films. One is the kind of international co-production that mixes disparate cinematic cultures to contradictory effect. Here the sponsoring countries are Canada and Brazil, and if you think the cerebral chill of the former might be nicely balanced by the tropical heat of the latter, you haven’t encountered “Zoom”’s way of turning the unlikely convergence into a self-canceling formula.

The second kind of terrible film are those which resemble graphic novels. Why is it that big cartoon creations like Batman and the whole Marvel menagerie can yield very credible, sometimes excellent movies while graphic novels tend to produce overly self-conscious mediocrities? It could be that comic books create their own discrete worlds which often are readily transferred to movie form.

Graphic novels, on the other hand, generally ape movies in their form and thus end up occupying a space that’s weirdly neither this nor that: part-graphic, half-novel, not wholly either. The film consists of three seemingly separate but ultimately interlinked storylines about a comic book artist, a novelist, and a film director. Each character lives in a separate world but authors a story about the life of another.

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Zoom 2015 Plot:-

A multi-dimensional interface between comic book artist Emma Boyles (drawing Deacon’s reality), novelist Michelle (writing Boyles’ reality), and film director Edward Deacon (filming Michelle’s reality). Each life in a separate reality but authors a story about one of the others.

Emma working at a sex doll factory in Toronto fantasize about having larger breasts undergo augmentation surgery and regret her choice. Edward has a big Spanish penis that Emma makes small because of her frustration at not having the money to have her implants removed.

Things get worse as Michelle thinks of original ways of making money such as winning the lotto. She ends up with choosing a mail drug drop meant to be for the personal trainer next door. Only problem is, when she walks down the street, men look at nothing else. Distraught, she wants to have the damage undone, but that will cost money she now doesn’t have, which willy-nilly leads her into a scheme involving stolen drugs transported inside the head of a sex doll.

The second tale concerns Michelle (Mariana Ximenes), a native of Brazil working in Canada as a model but with aspirations of being a novelist. Dale (Jason Priestley), her boyfriend, disdains her literary ambitions and says that every man who expresses interest in them is really just trying to get into her pants.

That provokes a crisis between the couple when a publisher she’s met has a very positive reaction to the chapters she’s shown him. To escape Dale’s control-freak impositions, she takes off for Brazil looking for some fresh creative air. But other complications face her there, and some follow from Canada. Please See More Information…….

Zoom 2015 Reviews:- 

Needless to say, it’s not every day a picture tries to pull that many narrative layers off, and there’s obviously a reason for that. Unless you’re some kind of a new Charlie Kaufman, it’s extraordinarily unlikely to stitch a premise as daring as this one together, without leaving the impression of merely creating an overly-complicated glorified gimmick.

and although that feeling is undeniably present for a substantial amount of the production’s wildly uneven duration, ultimately, the ingeniousness outweighs the pretentiousness. Thematically, it’s mainly a pretty literal representation of issues regarding appearances and identity in contemporary societies, with Gael García Bernal’s segment being by far, not only in this matter, but also aesthetically, the most interesting of the three.

Zoom 2015 Cast:-

  • Gael Garcia Bernal as Edward Deacon
  • Alison Pill as Emma Boyles
  • Mariana Ximenes as Michelle
  • Tyler Labine as Bob
  • Jason Priestley as Dale
  • Don McKellar as Horowitz
  • Claudia Ohana as Alice
  • Jennifer Irwin as Marisa
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